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    Default Guessing Wrong...

    Today I was at work and this guy came into the bar wearing a cologne. I was sure as sh!t that it was Thierry Mugler B*Men. Absolutely certain. I had to get my nerve up to ask him what he was wearing. His answer surprised me-- it was Zino Davidoff aftershave! No way! I haven't smelled Zino in a while, and even then I only smelled it once, but I could have sworn he was wearing B*men.

    I told him he he good taste, and he accepted the compliment graciously-- and he added that he had difficulty finding Zino in the US and had to order it from some e-tailers.

    I guess a fragrance can change shape considerably on the wearer. But it kind of shocked me that I was so wrong in my guess. Have any of you guys guessed about a person's fragrance and been way off?

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    Default Re: Guessing Wrong...

    Oh yes.

    I thought for SURE that the woman standing in line in front of me at the little coffee counter (outside my gym) had on Brin de Reglisse by Hermes. Found out that she had on Lolita Limpecka (!), which of course gave me a new appreciation of LL.
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    happens all the time...its just amazin to see how a fragrance reacts to sweat and body chemistry....colognes like Brit n KC Reaction always get's me confused (on my freind). its sillage/projection is very different from what you perceive it as on self...

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    I've often had that happen... many friends too have guessed my cologne wrongly many times.

    Guessing the cologne becomes more difficult with more complex frags.

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    Default Re: Guessing Wrong...

    Recently I walked into the office of one of my co-workers. I said "I like the cologne you are wearing today, it smells very familiar". I was then going to make a guess but before I could he said "It's Cool Water Deep". That's not what I was going to guess.
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