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    Default Jean Paul Gaultier - Le Male (Original)

    What do you think about using Le Male in the summer? is it ok? If so how should i wear it as it is a bit strong.

    I dont like the Summer Edition of it so i was wondering if can use the original for daily wear.

    Plus i'm meeting this girl tomorrow so i wanna know also if it's a cool scent with woman or not at all.

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    Default Re: Jean Paul Gaultier - Le Male (Original)

    1 spray on the back of your neck (just under your hair, once you've put your shirt on - so it doesn't rub off on it!) can be nice in the summer. Maybe up it to 2 in the evenings, or a spray on the back of your neck and a spray from a good distance away on your shirt. Spraying it on your chest and arms like a normal fragrance can get quite stifling on a hot summers day IMO, unless your working in an air-conditioned office.

    The summer editions not that great. Smells like the original + windex, and only lasts half as long.

    Theres probably a handful of frags more 'appropriate' for daily summer wear, but hey, if you like it - wear it!
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    Default Re: Jean Paul Gaultier - Le Male (Original)

    Le Male is a nice scent which is suitable for all year around. The only problem could be that, its very powerful. So I recommend putting only 1 spray from a 20 cm distance on the lower neck.

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