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    Default smn acqua di cuba vs. c&s cuba vs. mh feuilles de tabac?

    i've tried the last one and loved it. how do the other two compare?

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    Default Re: smn acqua di cuba vs. c&s cuba vs. mh feuilles de tabac?

    It figures, I have the first two but have not tried the last.

    While both Cubas are excellent, I prefer the SMN.
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    Default Re: smn acqua di cuba vs. c&s cuba vs. mh feuilles de tabac?

    are the 2 cubas of the unsmoked tobacco variety too? i think that is the type of tobacco i liked in feuilles de tabac.

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    Default Re: smn acqua di cuba vs. c&s cuba vs. mh feuilles de tabac?

    I'm reviving this thread, because I just received my Acqua di Cuba, which is lovely and entirely different from the other two fragrances (and vintage Tab for that matter). It is less complex than either VT or Cuba and the only on of all these to feature a strong honey and tobacco blossom. That, in fact, seems to be a popular approach in Italy. I Profumi di Firenze's Tobacco is also blossom rather than leaf - only far inferior to SMN - and so is Boellis Panama, which is much heavier and simpler, in Le Male territory. Acqu di Cuba balances the honey-tobacco blossom sweetness with an excelent lemon-lime topnote and tobacco-leaf/leather in the base. This is still strong and sweet and it will be urinuous to anyone with a honey-problem in perfumes, but of excellent quality. Small doses and walk-throuhg misting would seem appropriate. I only tested FdT briefly and found too much wood and little tobacco in it, but that judgement is not final. C&S Cuba is not at all sweet, of course, but minty and civety on top, and spice, tobacco and woods in the heart and base. VT has some tobacco blossom, florals and sweet tonka in it, but all this is part of a much more complex fragrance than AdC is. I'd say that for tobacco lovers both Cuba, AdC and VT are de rigeur. It will be interestng to see where Alt-Innsbruck fits in (a simple, all-natural tobacco-menthol barbershop cologne)
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