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    Default mure et musc for man

    I have in mind to buy mure et musc by l'artisan, I smelled it and I think it`s absolute gorgeus, and on my skin lasts a lot. The only thing I am not sure if it's masculine enough to make it one of my diary fragances.

    I'm 27, and I was asking myself what could think if, ladies, you smell mure et musc on a man?


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    I love Mure et Musc Extreme on myself, because it's a cool, crystal musk with just a bit of sweetness. On my husband, however, the berry note is pronounced, and that doesn't work well for either of us. I think it's definitely a unisex scent - it's not "feminine" or "girly". I'm just not crazy about berry notes in my scents. It depends on what your chemistry does with it, and whether or not you like what your chemistry does with it, if you ask me. I think Mure et Musc (not extreme) is great for men.

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    I would think that both Mure et Musc or MetM cologne would work well for a man. To my nose, the original is a dead split between the musc and berry, so not too sweet, but is a bit too opaque and flat. I prefer the cologne, with the citrus lift, transparency, and even something herbal in the mix. The only one I perceive as femme is the Extreme.

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    I have M&M Cologne and wear it - its wonderfully refreshing. 46yo male here.
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    I've been testing out both the EDT and the Extreme. Everytime I put on the EDT I think, "Hmmm... This will be really good on a man..." There is a crystalline quality about it, the berry lifted by the citrus. The musk is clean, spare and elegant. It is more like a men's cologne to me, not a sweet, fruity scent.

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