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    Default HUGE LIST Mens/Womens: USA Only Monogram, Magnetism Men, etc.

    While supplies last. USA only. Though I've been mostly involved with samples and decants (which I can ship internationally), I have some bottles that I'd like to sell now, so here's a list of them. Shipping cost is actual (no charge for packaging or materials). I can provide pictures before you pay. Shipping for lightweight bottles is only $3. If the bottle is around $50 or more I'll take a picture of it before I pack it up. Percentages are just my rough estimate, and includes the fact that bottles are not filled to the top when new.

    Feel free to make an offer but please don't be silly (if you buy several that might lead to a big discount). If caps and boxes are important to you, ask before paying (assume there is no cap or box). I can take a picture before you pay, so just let me know if you want one. Formulations are mostly EdT (possibly EdC, especially with vintage). If it's EdP or aftershave that is indicated.

    Some fairly recent additions:

    Vintage/first formulation Envy for Men (pale color liquid), 60-65% of 50 ml with cap (pic on request): $98.

    Amazing Grace by Philosophy, vintage EdP formulation with cap, 99% or better: $93.

    Very Irresistible Summer Cockail 2008 for Women (nearly impossible to find), 99% of 75 ml with cap & box: $92.

    Etra by Etro, an ounce or a bit less remaining in 100 ml bottle, with cap: $38.

    Giant Tsar factice (see pic below), made out of a plexiglass type material with bakelite type quality. The bottle next to it is a one ounce Tsar, which is just under 4.5 inches high; there is very minor scuffing, but what appears to be a scuff on the top area is a reflection from the flash). I will sell both for $125 or just the factice for $115. I am also willing to entertain swap requests for items that are of similar value.

    Escale a Portofino by Dior, a bit more than half of 125 ml with cap: $43.

    Vintage 1950s Replique by Raphael, 90% of 1.9 ounces with cap, spray mist: $72. To see a picture of it go here:

    vintage Freedom by Tommy HIlfiger, 100 ml with cap, about 82% of original amount: $93. See picture of it here:

    Vintage Aromatics Elixir, 1.5 ounce spray with cap, a bit over half full: $25.

    Ocean Wet Wood for Him, 98% of 50 ml (no cap/box): $39.

    Rocabar (vintage), 50 ml at 98% with cap: $71.

    Sienna by C&E (rare vintage bottle), half of 125 ml spray (no box/cap): $84.

    Tresor (vintage), 75% of 50 ml with cap: $39.

    Smalto (1998), about 70% of 50 ml (no cap/box): $17.

    vintage Opium for Women, new 7.5 ml mini: $17,

    Vintage Speidel British Sterling Cologne, never used 3.8 ounces: $57.
    Vintage Speidel British Sterling Aftershave, never used 3.8 ounces: $47.

    Badgley Mischka new mini (about 1/4 ounce), no box: $8.

    Vintage Jovan Sport Scent spray, about 80-82% of 1 ounce, no cap or box: $59.
    New Tenere mini bottle (boxed): $7.
    Vintage Aramis Herbal 900, 1.5 ounce rare style splash bottle, never used: $45.
    Vintage Givenchy III EdP, NIB 1 ounce spray: $59.
    Cereus #4, sprayed once 75 ml (no cap/box): $29.
    Henry Cotton in Green ("the poor man's Green Valley"), 83-84% of 125 ml spray with cap (rare item!): $59.

    Vintage Eau de Gucci, 90% of 50 ml spray with cap: $48.
    Vintage Le Jardin by Max Factor, unused 2 ounce: $45.
    Romantic Wish Silkening Body Spray, 97-98% of 8.4 ounces, missing spray cap but I'll include a new pipette and ml spray bottle with it: $27.
    Vintage Sandalwood for Men by Elizabeth Arden EdC, 6 ounce splash (got it new and just decanted a drop to test): $149 (or see my CF page if you don't need 6 ounces).

    Vintage PdN New York with cap (no box), 50 ml bottle: $155.
    See pic of the bottle here:

    Vintage Tommy Bahama Cologne, 75% of 100 ml (no cap or box): $83, see photo here:

    PENDING: Moschino Pour Homme (1990), about an ounce or a little less remaining in 100 ml spray bottle with cap: $34.

    Joop! Jump Summer Temptation, 95% of 125 ml with cap and box: $93.

    Derek Jeter Driven Sport (very rare now): 98% of 75 ml with cap: $43.

    Polo Modern Reserve, about half of 4 ounce spray with cap: $75.
    Cayman Winds by Crabtree & Evelyn, half o f100 ml: $89.
    Wings for Men by GBH, 95% of 100 ml (no cap/box): $12.

    Xeryus, 98% of 50 ml with cap (second design): $39.
    Dior Homme, second formulation, with cap, 98% of 100 ml: $72 (code 0X03; Oct. 2010, very close to original formulation, IMO).

    Havana Reserva, NIB 50 ml spray: $275.
    Vintage Chanel Pour Monsieur Cologne, never used 4 ounces: $179.
    Very Irresistible Summer Sorbet, 99% of 100 ml, no box: $48.
    Vintage Uomo? Moschino, 99% of 75 ml with cap/box: $48.
    Vetiver Bourbon by Monotheme (very rare), new one ounce spray, no box: $22.

    First formulation So Pretty by Cartier, never used 50 ml splash (no box, bottle has some age wear): $93.
    Perry Ellis (women's, 2007), 90% of 50 ml with cap: $17.

    Figue Amere by Miller Harris, 75% of 100 ml (no cap/box): $89 (see pic below).
    Vintage Equipage A/S, 4 oz., sprayed once, nice bakelite style cap (no box): $89. Note that it is cloudy-looking, which is normal from what I've seen, but this is not balm - it's a traditional aftershave and I'd call it more of an EdC formulation in terms of strength (see pic below).
    Rance 2, new 75 ml spray with cap & new bar of soap: $71.
    Vintage Mitsouko EdT spray, 95+% of 50 ml with cap (this came from the gold and black box but the box was discarded; the person bought it prior to 2000): $54.

    Signor Vivara (rare vintage item), 4 ounce never used (no box): $129.
    New Vivara (women's) collectible 50 ml bottle with cap, about 5 ml remain: $39.

    Escada Pour Homme, 40 ml sprayed once with cap: $73.
    Dunhill for Men, 95+% of 100 ml spray, with cap/box: $45.
    vintage/first formulation Krizia Uomo, "new old stock" 50 ml splash (no box): $17.
    Bvlgari Green Tea Extreme, 95% of 100 ml (no cap/box): $75.
    CK Crave, about 70% of 75 ml, no box: $34.
    Dolce & Gabbana Masculine, 70% of 100 ml with cap: $72,

    Cereus #7, new 75 ml (no cap/box): $27.

    Vintage First by VC&A, 90% of 3 ounce spray in the gold/metallic cylinder holder with cap (no box): $73.
    Vintage Coriandre, 98% of 33 ml spray with cap: $19.
    Ivanka, 90% of 100 ml, no cap/box: $43.
    Shalimar Light EdT/2.5 ounce bottle: $72, please see pic for amount remaining:
    Butterfly Flower by B&B Works, 95% of 1 ounce spray with cap: $43.

    VSOP by Paul Sebastian, more than 50% of 100 ml: $59.
    vintage Nicole Miller for Men, 90% of 2.5 oz. (cap/box); $43.

    Force Majeure by Jacques Bogart, 100 ml sprayed twice, with box: $48.
    Mechant Loup, 95% of 50 ml with cap/box: $82.
    Kouros Fraicheur, 100 ml sprayed once: $143.
    Nemo, 95% of 50 ml: $73.
    Vendetta, 1 ounce spray in box, 99%: $29.
    Sandalwood M Cologne by Miglin ("men's"), 99% of 100 ml: $52.
    vintage/first formulation Claiborne for Men, 100 ml splash (never used), with box: $35.
    vintage Woodgrains Sandalwood, NIB 4 ounces in box: $89.
    super rare Messire Pour Monsieur by Jean D'Albert, NIB 8 ounces: $95 (see my CF page if you don't need 6 ounces).
    Jako Lagerfeld, about an ounce remains: $28.
    Photo Lagerfeld (new formulation), 98% of 4 ounces, no cap/box: $27.
    vintage Lapidus Pour Homme (1987), new low fill (80% or so) 1 ounce spray with cap: $17.
    Lapidus Pour Homme, newer formulation, 95% of 100 ml (cap/box): $14.
    vintage Ho Hang Club, new 50 ml spray with cap: $22.
    vintage Pub Cologne, never used 4 ounce splash (no box): $95.
    vintage Polo 5 ml new mini bottle: $5.50.
    Alain Delon (first formulation!), 80-85% of 4.4 ounces, no cap/box: $59.
    Night Spice, new 4 ounces (no box): $34.
    Pierre Cardin Musk, 2.8 ounce missing about 1-2 ml (no cap/box): $43.
    vintage Joop! Homme (second formulation), 80% of 2.5 oz. with cap: $29.
    FUBU Plush for Men, 99% of 100 ml, with box: $82.
    Competition by Nautica (vintage blue/gray bottle), ab out 3.5 ounces remain (no box): $93.
    Valentino V for Him, 50 ml at 98% with cap: $84.
    vintage Chanel Pour Monsieur (not the concentrated one), a bit less than half of 100 ml spray with cap: $55 (see photo below).
    Elvis Cologne, about 80% of 75 ml spray with cap & box: $32.
    What About Adam? by Joop!, about 80% of 75 ml with cap: $59.
    Boss Pure, 75 ml at 98% with cap: $25.
    Desire Red by Dunhill: 98% of 100 ml spray: $28.
    NIB Hollywood for Men by Hayman, 50 ml spray: $17.
    vintage Polo aftershave, 1.5 ounce never used: $19.
    vintage Avon Leather Cologne (boot decanter), huge 8 ounce never used bottle! $19.
    vintage Avon Everest A/S (old car decanter with box), 6 ounce never used: $9.
    Baryshnikov Sport, NIB 50 ml spray: $12.
    vintage Burberry for Men (1991) A/S, 50 ml at 95% spray with cap: $41.
    vintage Givenchy Gentleman, 2 ounce splash never used: $77.
    vintage Givenchy Gentleman A/S balm, 2 ounce never used: $19.
    Take both of the above for 93 total !
    Creed Royal Delight (unisex), about 1 ounce in 2.5 ounce bottle with cap: $89.
    Eaux de Caron NIB 100 ml splash (unisex cologne): $39.
    Eaux de Caron Forte, 100 ml in box sprayed once: $38.
    PENDING - Sables by Annick Goutal, 80% of 100 ml with cap: $122.
    Giorgio V.I.P. never used 1 ounce splash: $47.
    KISS Him, NIB sealed 50 ml: $9.

    O de Lancome, 98% of 50 ml with cap: $32.
    PENDING: vintage 1980s O de Lancome, sprayed once 45 ml with box/brochure: $52.

    Ferre for women (1991 black "grenade" style), 100 ml spray with cap, 99% or more: $118.
    Ophelie by Pierre Cardin, 99% of 100 ml, cap & box: $93.
    vintage Opium ("women's"), 99% of 100 ml spray: $138.
    vintage Niki de Saint Phalle, 80% of 1 ounce spray (no cap): $19.
    vintage White Linen, 95% of 50 ml (no cap): $44.
    vintage Tranquil Moments Fragrance Mist by Avon, cap & box, sprayed once: $22.

    Heritage vintage 4 ml mini (NIB): $17
    Lot of 3 Tommy Summer Cologne limited edition 100 ml bottles with caps (see photo below for amount remaining; I believe these are 2004, 2006. and 2007): $145 takes them all (plus actual shipping cost).
    Unbound for Men by Halston, 82% of 100 ml: $45
    Echo Davidoff, 70% of 50 ml: $19
    English Leather 50 ml A/S + 2 ounce moisture gel, both new (NOS, early Dana gift set): $9.
    CK Electric, half of 100 ml: $48
    Aramis Life, 65-70% of 100 ml: $25
    vintage Lagerfeld Cologne, 4 ounce, 90% : $59
    Socal Men by Hollister, 88-90% of 2.5 ounces: $29
    Dolce and Gabbana Pour Homme (German version), 90% of 2.5 ounces: $28
    Armani, (first scent, "feminine," though more like a unisex chypre; very rare), 80-82% of 50 ml: $77
    Promesse by Cacharel, 50 ml sprayed once: $59
    Vera Wang for Men, around 3/4 of 100 ml: $25
    Safari for men, never used 75 ml in collectible splash bottle (screw cap): $59.
    Roots Spirit Men, NIB one ounce: $9
    Dali's first fragrance (feminine), original formulation, NIB 50 ml: $39
    vintage Halston 1-12 EdT (made by Halston), 90% of 4 ounces: $52
    Valentino (vintage, first "feminine" perfume), 2/3 of 2.5 ounces: $59.
    Magic by Miglin (great chypre I consider unisex): 1 ounce full: $18
    Destiny by Miglin, half of 50 ml: $14
    Physical Jockey for Women, 99% of 100 ml: $9
    Fancy Nights, 99% of 50 ml: $18.
    vintage Wild Spice by Coty (similar to London Men by Burberry but I like this better), half an ounce NIB: $5
    vintage Grey Flannel aftershave (more like an EdC in strength), by French Fragrances, 2 ounces new: $5
    Vintage (made by Jacqueline Cochrane) Ma Griffe, 1.5 ounce spray with cap, sprayed once: $27 (see last pic below).
    Aramis Aftershave, 4.1 ounce never used: $19
    Trueste rare Voile (non-alcohol) version, 99% of 50 ml: $82
    Adventurer II by Eddie Bauer. 90% of 100 ml: $99
    Calvin Colgone Spray (first formulation, 1981), 70% of 100 ml (no cap/box): $89
    Ungaro (first Ungaro scent, vintage/1977, marketed to women) EdT, 1 ounce, never used: $25.
    Samsara 3 piece vintage gift set still sealed in original plastic (cover to box has some scuffs, etc.); includes 7.5 ml EdP, 50 ml EdT, and 200 ml body lotion (see picture): $95
    Red for Men by GBH vintage half ounce (each) set of cologne and after shave (with collagen), both unused: $14

    Insense by Givenchy (vintage/first formulation), 99+% of 100 ml, $120
    Dark Blue by Hugo Boss, 99% of 125 ml: $59
    Guess Men (1991), never used 4 ounce splash: $90
    PENDING - Fendi Uomo (vintage spray with cap), 97-98% of 50 ml: $48
    Gucci Pour Homme (1976 version), 2 ounces never used splash (2 caps): $77
    Vetiver Frozen by Guerlain (ribbed bottle with cap, no box), 95% of 75 ml: $89
    Rare, vintage 200 ml spray bottle of Jacomo de Jacomo, 5 ounces remain: $73.
    vintage/unused Perry Ellis for Men Cologne in the first, collectible style bottle, 100 ml: $59
    Outrageously rare IsaBella by Isabella Rosellini, 99% of 75 ml, with cap: $95
    Monogram by Ralph Lauren, 118 of 120 ml, with cap & box: $172.
    L'Or de Torrente EdT, sealed NIB 50 ml (box has some damage): $89
    Histoire d'Eau, 75 ml missing about 1 ml: $48
    Masculine by Dolce & Gabbana, 70-75% of 100 ml, with cap: $54
    Homme de Gres, 98% of 75 ml, with cap: $35
    KL Homme, 99% of 2 ounces, with cap & box: $59
    vintage Quorum, 98% of 4 ounces, no cap/box: $47.
    vintage Red for Men by Giorgio of Beverly Hills, 95% of 50 ml: $37
    vintage Giorgio for Men by Giorgio of Beverly Hills, 99% of 125 ml: $59
    Ruban d'Orange L`Occitane, just over half of 100 ml: $59
    Sentiment for Men, 75% of 100 ml: $59
    Marc Jacobs for Men, 99% of 125 ml, with cap: $57
    Mare Cologne (unisex; by CUBT), 99% of 125 ml, cap & box: $55
    Geisha Armom M Haruka (green tea), NIB 50 ml: $45
    2 Rance by Rance 1792, new 75 ml, with cap and bar of soap: $48
    Boss #1, 95% of 50 ml, with cap: $19
    vintage Aramis Herbal 900, never used .25 ounce: $11
    Excited by Lapidus, 80% of 100 ml, with cap: $28
    L`Altra Follia Follia di AquaRama Sport, 2/3 of 100 ml: $35
    Horizon, NIB 50 ml splash: $7
    vintage Tsar, 99% of 100 ml: $35
    Vintage 1950s Caron Pour Un Homme (Les Plus Belles Lavandes EdT version) new in the box with two caps, 390 ml: $190
    vintage Paco Rabanne Pour Homme, unused 4 ounce splash: $89 (first, "silver label" formulation). See a pic of it here:

    Romeo Gigli Uomo, 75% of 2.7 ounces: $37
    Vintage Tuscany Uomo, about half of 100 ml: $52
    Mania for Women Eau Tonique (very rare), 100 ml new: $70
    Vintage Carrington Cologne, 99% of 50 ml spray: $48
    Coriolan, 100 ml, sprayed a few times: $95
    IL Lancetti, 65% of 100 ml: $28
    Herrera Aqua, 98% of 50 ml: $37
    Morgan de Toi Homme, 95% of 125 ml: $28
    Lucky You for Men, 95% of 100 ml: $18
    Iquitos, 2/3 of 100 ml: $77
    Deseo for Men, 95% of 100 ml, $27
    Vintage Bowling Green, 95% of 2 ounces: $59
    Green Jeans, 95% of 75 ml: $54
    Cool Buchu by Molton Brown, 99% of 50 ml: $29
    Challenge by Lacoste, 99% of 3 ounces: $28
    Avatar by Coty, 90% of 50 ml: $14
    SUPER RARE Aramis Fortified Cologne, 80% of 2 ounce splash: $48
    Trend Lui by Les Copains (like Gucci's Rush for Men), 98% of 100 ml: $59
    Chemistry for Men, 95% of 100 ml: $43
    Miracle Homme l'Aquatonique, 95% of 125 ml: $47
    London for Men by Paul Smith, 100 ml missing an ounce: $95
    Black Diamond by Canali, half of 100 ml: $70
    Vetiver by Guerlain (riibbed bottle), 98% of 125 ml: $118


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    Default Re: HUGE LIST: Mens/Womens/Samples; Really looking to sell so make offers!

    This thread is one year old as per the OP's last post. Please respond to old threads by PM only.

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    Default Re: HUGE LIST: Mens/Womens/Samples; Really looking to sell so make offers!

    BUMP: Okay, I think I've got the list together now. I can do some super lot deals on "cheapos," vintage mini bottles, and designer partial bottles (mostly vintage) that have very little remaining, but there are so many of them please email me and I'll give you an idea (because I'll have to get around to cataloging them all).

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    Default Re: HUGE LIST: Mens/Womens/Samples; Really looking to sell so make offers!

    BUMP: More added.

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