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    Default Tabac Blond EdT (Caron) - Worth getting?

    I'd like to focus this thread on the Eau-de-toilette-version of Tabac Blond (Caron). I would appreciate the help of basenoters wether this version is one worth trying or owning.

    Is it merely an "amputated" version of the (nearly) unquestioned greatness of EdP and Parfum? Or has it the potentials to be a fragrance in its own rights (concerning character, depth, progress of the accords, longevity, sillage)? I'm curious about your opinions.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Tabac Blond EdT (Caron) - Worth getting?

    There are some very interesting comments about the different versions in this thread:

    It's a great thread, really spiking my interest in the EDT too!

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    Default Re: Tabac Blond EdT (Caron) - Worth getting?

    I love the parfum, which I just recently bought a small decant of. strong and incredible longevity. However I found that the EdT is much more...mascuine. Perhaps it's the tobacco that's more prominent.
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