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    Default You test, and you test, and then one you tried, well, kinda is it

    I had tried to find a summer fragrance that would be fun to wear, but yet appropriate for business. Citrus for some reason does not play well, and I have my own preferences for not heavy leather, or earthy (Voluer de Roses), nor vanilla nor gourmand. I tried Idole and it was nice enough but I was thinking it was soapy. The initial hit, say the first hour, of Acqua di Parma Colonia would have been heaven-scent, LOL, but for that kinda money, I did not want to get it. The Assoluta is nice, but I guess to give it depth and longevity, it has to sacrifice that certain 'oomph' that excites.

    So I was using up the sample vial of Idole and I kinda get a mixture of that saffron that is in CDG 8 88 (thanks Jock with Scents for letting me try it) and some of the rum and sugar note that they speak about. That is what I think is making it soapy. I dont get the orange peel but maybe it is what makes that sweet-soapy smell at first. Anyway, this is one that you have to wear it to see how it reacts. Some say it has no projection, well, it projects more than the Colonia and about the same as the Assoluta. Longevity, well, it lasts as long as the Assoluta, maybe not as intense at the end. But I find that this one, because of that sweetness (I still dont get spicy), it will work in summer.

    I won't say I have done a 180, from panning it to raving about it, because my initial impression was, well, this is nice but so are a lot of them. And I am not going to say it is one of those Holy Grail, wow, I can see why everyone is getting it sort of fragrances, because it is not. But it is one of those, this is very nice, not everyone is going to smell like me, and by golly, I have sampled 20 to 30 on the skin and smelled maybe a dozen more over at Jock's, and well, this is about the 2nd or 3rd best ON ME, and so, off to get a bottle. Should be here Monday.

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    Default Re: You test, and you test, and then one you tried, well, kinda is it

    I love Idole.... although I haven't worn it enough to post my thoughts on it or review it.

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    Default Re: You test, and you test, and then one you tried, well, kinda is it

    Idole -'s such a chamelon of a scent. One day it's comfy/boozy, the next it's soapy, the next it's citrusy and almost cologne-ish. Fascinating isn't it.

    I can't imagine owning a bottle, it's just too much...but many here on BN love it and enjoy it in their wardrobe. Maybe one of these days I will too.

    Enjoy finsfan - I know that you have been pondering your new bottle choices very carefully and deliberately.
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