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    Default Crown Perfumery - Crown Rose

    This is a scent made almost 200 years back and is said to be developed/inspired for Queen Alexandra. I can imagine how this must be a rage back then with the ladies. i can still picture, beautiful middle east ladies over spraying on this one. it's a kind which will smell good depending on who wears it.

    in todays world these are available easily and is commonly known as Rose water. but this one is intense and has a nice mix of green notes whci hare wuite subtle. there is an uncompromising charm about this one, its simplicity and purity is admirable and no doubt, this one has set the beat for rose based perfumes after.... it's paid a rich tribute to Rose note. pure unadulterated rose far far away from the synthetic world. buy it for its timeless quality and simplicity. its history bottled.

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    I agree with you - Crown Rose is a very nice rose fragrance, old fashioned but not fusty. Based upon a sample I received a while back, it's a simple, pure rose scent with some vetiver in it, which gives it a bit of dryness. I can see it as a bath/aromatherapy staple, a big bottle in the bathroom to be splashed with abandon by anyone who needs a bit rosey refreshment.

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    Anglia Perfumery has just recently released a cologne called Velvet Rose. It's a dead ringer for Crown's rendition.

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