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    Default SotW June 7th-13th 2008

    Welcome to Week #15 as things begin to return to normalcy on the forums and we have another record week in three of four metrics. What are those metrics? What the heck are metrics? Would you just give me my weekly allowance of numbers, Metro Man? Please? Here you go. We begin with the raw numbers:

    1,037 total posts down from 1,128 last week but the second week in a row we've broken the 1,000 scent barrier.
    660 different scents mentioned, a new record, up from last week's record of 614.
    472 scents mentioned once for a diversity index of 45.5% both new records and up from last week's all-time lows of 405 and 35.9%.

    What a difference a week with no organized days or movements makes. This is the week where every member of the community wore what they darn well felt like wearing. The only blip to that was Sniif n' Speak Saturday, centered on Citrus, but that didn't seem to especially affect any one scent's numbers. With everyone wearing what they want we hit a new high for individuality. We also hit a new high for number of scents in the top 10, as 22 scents made the threshold to be included. Some of those scents were worn by one member for a number of days some of them were worn by a different member for each tally. As much as the past few weeks show how much we can rally around a specific scent, house, note or perfumeur; this week is probably a more accurate barometer of the steady temperature of this community. Let's look deeper at the baseline of Basenotes Nation.
    Guerlain placed five scents in the 22 scents making up the list this week. I think I'm pretty safe in saying that Guerlain has the most depth of any house and that is reflected in the number of wears Guerlain gets on a weekly basis. Also through 15 weeks Guerlain has been within the top 3 houses every week. No other house can make that claim as all of them have had striking down weeks where their wears were very low. Four of the 22 were Creeds, this house is one of the more debatable houses in the forums but as far as support amongst the community there is no debate. If not for an inexplicable drop-off in week 13, Creed would also have been in the top 5 houses for every week. It is fun to recognize the houses that post a big gain in a given week but one must not forget those that prove their support week in and week out, they are the premier houses.
    On an individual scent basis the rise of Comme des Garcons Monocle Scent One: Hinoki continues as it posts a record week for the scent. It also got its first consistent female wears this week which begs the question of whether it will cross over and get significant traction among the ladies. If it does this could give Hinoki the extra push it would need to become #1 for a week. The scents at 1,3, and 4 are regulars to the top 10 and to the upper half. Terre D'Hermes, Guerlain Vetiver, and Creed Green Irish Tweed are consistent performers with support across the community. Since including the ladies, Terre D'Hermes got its first female wears this week; will that trend continue? Guerlain Habit Rouge is a fickle visitor to the list as it shows up one week only to disappear the next. The other Guerlains on the list, Coriolan, Aqua Allegoria Anisia Bella and Aqua Allegoria Figue Iris, all make their debut. The other three Creeds, Millesime Imperial, Original Vetiver and Virgin Island Water have been consistent entries over the last six weeks as the weather got warmer. One interesting result of the warmer weather is another Creed has virtually gone into hibernation after being a highly supported scent over the first few weeks of SotW and that's Bois du Portugal. After having double-digit wears over the first ten weeks four of the last five weeks have seen it clock in at one or none and the other week was five. It is the most spectacular drop-off for any one scent.
    There was a little bit of an Yves St. Laurent hangover as Kouros and L'Homme make it in. Although these numbers are in line with their usual wear pattern. Bvlgari Black brought a friend from home with it into the tally with Omnia making its first appearance. The other regulars who showed up this week were, Czech & Speake #88 which has seen a recent increase in wears after being down for about a month. Chanel Egoiste and Thierry Mugler Cologne round out the regulars.
    The new kids are headed up by Davidoff Cool Water which is one of those highly accessible scents that gets a decent amount of support. Helmut Lang Cuiron shows up for the first time and I wonder if its that deal that fueled its rise. The addition of the ladies has greatly increased two house's numbers, Serge Lutens and Annick Goutal, both houses place rookies into the top 10 based on unisex wear as Chergui and Eau D'Hadrien arrive.
    Long list this week and again no list of just missed because with a 22 entry top 10 everything that should've been mentioned is represented.

    SotW June 7th-13th 2008
    1.) Terre D'Hermes 15 wears (1.5%)
    2.) Comme Des Garcons Monocle Scent One: Hinoki 13 wears (1.3%)
    3.) Guerlain Vetiver 12 wears (1.2%)
    4.) Creed Green Irish Tweed 9 wears (0.9%)
    5.) Guerlain Habit Rouge 7 wears (0.7%)
    6.) Czech & Speake #88 6 wears (0.6%)
    6.) Guerlain Coriolan 6 wears (0.6%)
    6.) Yves Saint Laurent Kouros 6 wears (0.6%)
    9.) Bvlgari Black 5 wears (0.5%)
    9.) Bvlgari Omnia 5 wears (0.5%)
    9.) Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme 5 wears (0.5%)
    9.) Chanel Egoiste 5 wears (0.5%)
    9.) Davidoff Cool Water 5 wears (0.5%)
    9.) Creed Millesime Imperiale 5 wears (0.5%)
    9.) Creed Original Vetiver 5 wears (0.5%)
    9.) Creed Virgin Island Water 5 wears (0.5%)
    9.) Helmut Lang Cuiron 5 wears (0.5%)
    9.) Annick Goutal Eau D'Hadrien 5 wears (0.5%)
    9.) Guerlain aqua Allegoria Anisia Bella 5 wears (0.5%)
    9.) Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Figue Iris 5 wears (0.5%)
    9.) Serge Lutens Chergui 5 wears (0.5%)
    9.) Thierry Muglaer Cologne 5 wears (0.5%)

    That wraps another fascinating week from here in the Somerville Stats Studio of Basenotes Nation. I look forward to what this community has up their sleeve this week.
    As always you keep wearing 'em and I'll keep counting 'em.
    Have a well-fragranced week.
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    Default Re: SotW June 7th-13th 2008

    SMM, expertly presented as usual. I enjoy your sense of humor.

    Can you give us a list of the top ten houses. Would a top twenty list reveal some unexpected houses?
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    Default Re: SotW June 7th-13th 2008

    Quote Originally Posted by TwoRoads View Post
    SMM, expertly presented as usual. I enjoy your sense of humor.

    Can you give us a list of the top ten houses. Would a top twenty list reveal some unexpected houses?
    So I'm a little leery of doing that because some houses have benfitted from massive organized wears so I struggle about how to do that rating. Based on straight numbers Yves Saint Laurent would be #3 but that's based on a massive wear two weeks ago and fairly consistent but usually #8-12 house position any other week. Chanel and Hermes have had similar benefits. Then the way I think I sort of want to do it is to just rank the houses 1-10 for a given week and assign 10 points to first and 1 to 10th place. That should even out the disparity. Then I was thinking is that still fair because what about a house like Caron which has a fair amount of scents but many less than Guerlain or Creed or Ava Luxe or Annick Goutal. So to even the numbers should I divide the total wears by the total number of posted scents to get an impact factor?
    I'm very comfortable tracking a house from week to week and monitoring their ups and downs relative to themselves as that number has some meaning.
    You can see that as a stat geek I'm not exactly sure where to go. I will probably do all of these stats at the end of the experiment on day 365. Prior to that I'll still have to think about it until I have a number that satisfies me.
    As my wife Erin always says to me " a simple yes or no would've been sufficient"
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