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    Default L'air du Desert Marocain or Millesime Imperial?

    Hey Everyone,

    I'm ready to buy my first niche perfume.....blind. I know it's not the best way, but i am not around any places to try them out...especially LADM. From reading everyones reviews i think i'm down to these two choices. I'd love to hear what you guys think.

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    Default Re: L'air du Desert Marocain or Millesime Imperial?

    You still don't have to buy blind! The internet is a wonderful thing. Beautyhabit ships to Canada, as does The Perfumed Court, and there's always The Perfume Shoppe. Makeupalley users are also great for swapping with Canadians. I strongly advise against buying blind under pretty much any circumstances.

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    Default Re: L'air du Desert Marocain or Millesime Imperial?

    You can at least try MI; go to your nearest store that sells fragrances and look for Sean John Unforgivable. The differences are marginal and, in my opinion, not worth the huge markup of a Creed product. You can get decants of both, however, at TPC, LDdM is rather expensive though.
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    Default Re: L'air du Desert Marocain or Millesime Imperial?

    Ditto to what everyone said. Buying blind is rarely a good idea, especially for expensive niche stuff like you're considering. Paying a little money for a decant is a small price to pay when you smell something expensive you thought you were gonna like but don't. There are plenty of niche scents I thought I'd like from the description, and when I got my small decant, I was completely underwhelmed and glad I didn't make the full purchase.

    To answer your original question though, MI is a far far safer blind buy than L'air. MI doesn't has as much potential to rock your olfactory world like L'air can do, but very rarely would you find someone who doesn't think it smells decent.
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    Default Re: L'air du Desert Marocain or Millesime Imperial?

    I have to agree with Agent Zero, although I love both fragrances, they are very different, but MI will be the 'safer' option. Ultimately get both.........but for now, I'd recommend MI.
    Then as soon as you can, get L'air du Desert Marocain.........because it really is stunningly wonderful.

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    Default Re: L'air du Desert Marocain or Millesime Imperial?

    Unjustified is the rip-off of Unforgivable. It should be available in your local K/Wal - Mart. I can barely tell any difference.. Might be a good way to get a vague idea of what MI smells like!
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