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    Default Mini Review of Lomani Virtual

    Top Notes: Bergamot, Kumquat, Reseda
    Middle Notes: Lavender, Patchouli, Peach, Almond Flower
    Base Notes: Cedar, Musk, Amber, Heliotrope, Tonka Bean, Vanilla

    The notes listed were found, after much research, from an authorized reseller in Brazil. This is spicy and a little sharp at first, then later turns kind of muddy and confused. A clearer accord reemerges toward the final drydown. A little floral in the middle, but something chalky and then slightly acrid intrudes for a bit, and then recedes again. It could just be my skin disagreeing with some combination of notes that overlap for a while. This might be pleasant enough for some, especially younger folks, I would think, but I must say it'll never be near the top of my list.
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    Default Re: Mini Review of Lomani Virtual

    Thanks for the review JaimeB

    I've seen a bunch of Lomani frags at quite a few shops around me but I've never tested any of them yet, wonder if Virtual is also among those.

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    Default Re: Mini Review of Lomani Virtual

    I just picked up some last night on an uncharacteristic (of me) impulse buy. I need to wear it more but on first wearing I get a very linear tobacco and some kind of fruit. If you buy cherry or apple pipe tobacco, this is what it smells like. I am a few hours into it and that is all I smell. I do have a cold so I will have to wear this some more and let you know.

    My wife and I like it so I think it is a winner for me.

    I had never heard of Lomani (before last night) and even though Virtual seems somewhat hard to find, it is very inexpensive. Is Lomani a poor quality brand? I see other frags in this brand going for $12 for a 3.4oz bottle.
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    Default Re: Mini Review of Lomani Virtual

    wow sounds nice any updates?

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    Default Re: Mini Review of Lomani Virtual

    anyone else have or try this??

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    Default Re: Mini Review of Lomani Virtual

    I've owned this for years. JamieB's description from 2008 is accurate. I'll just add that longevity is a bit above average.
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    Default Re: Mini Review of Lomani Virtual

    At current prices, one might consider this "super cheapo," particularly in light of the lone Fragrantica review, which includes:

    "this smells like unsmoked fruity shisha used for a hookah!! and that is just deliscious to me...very close to [Bogart Pour Homme]..."

    However, BPH is quite floral, leaving the lavender aside, whereas V seems more of a "dark" fruity scent with the same kind of "cherry pipe tobacco" element (probably mostly due to tonka and cedar). Can anyone else chime in here? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Mini Review of Lomani Virtual

    I own this (as it's cheap in the UK), and my immediate impression was "poor man's Pure Havane". I got moderately sweet cherry pipe tobacco accords (like Pure Havane), but a more diluted version. If you shell out for the Mugler instead, you won't be missing out on anything.

    I personally found the performance lacklustre at best, to the point I'll need to junk it. Black Intense was a slightly better effort from Lomani, but overall I don't think I'll be bothering with any more of their fragrances.

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