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    Default Re: A sort of hello...

    Hi Shifts, Welcome back! Hope to see your posts again here.

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    Hi Shifts, nice to make your acquaintance! Any fellow lover of Hiris is a friend of mine!
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    Welcome back Martin, my friend!
    You've been really missed here for your insightful posts and your unconventional taste. And of course cuz you're a smart funny mate
    Lots to try I bet, from the new CGD to the Tom Ford (you have absolutely to try Tuscan Leather and Noire de Noire I guess hehe). But also the latest Lutens (well 5 'o clock au gingembre didnt mesmerize me but it's ok, I'm now looking for Noire Serge that from the description seems more to my likings and maybe yours from what I remember, ashes, iris etc... hihihi).
    Befinitely welcome back home buddy!

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    Default Re: A sort of hello...

    Your insights will be keenly sought at the Abuse Clinic.

    Quite frankly, going cold turkey and not buying a scent for an entire year is utterly unheard of around here.

    Dare I say it - a near superhuman effort. Well done.

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    Hey Shifts,
    Good to see you back in action here. You will find Basenotes a generally more crowded place than when you left. Sometimes that is good - there are some strong articulate voices that have joined and their insights have been a welcome addition. In other ways the growth has just made for more of everything - more posts, more comments, and more Creed threads. And, of course the population here gets larger, people get more anonymous and unknown which leads to more snarky comments in general. Your thoughtful voice will be welcomed.
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    Default Re: A sort of hello...

    Hi shifts ! Good to read you again.

    I'm glad that old buddies are coming back.
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    Default Re: A sort of hello...

    Happy to see you back, Shifts. I missed your posts.

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