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    Default PdN New York questions

    Being the big Bois du Portugal fan that I am, I've become intrigued by Parfums de Nicolai New York. However, while I'm not usually in favor of blind buys, in this case I don't see much choice, as I don't know of any store that carries their fragrances, even in, ironically enough, New York! In fact, I've only found one American website that carries, them -- that I had never heard of before.

    Anyway, as this is the case, I have no choice but to rely on the opinions of others. I really have two questions about this one. First, is it appropriate for the office? I've seen reviews that say it's versatile, but nothing specifically about office use. And BdP, I would say, is not really a great fragrance for the office. Second, how is it in the sillage/longevity department? That's always a big factor for me. As usual, any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

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    Default Re: PdN New York questions

    I find New York and BdP more dissimilar than similar, and would strongly recommend sampling first. You can order samples of this and many other things online from,, and

    It is an appropriate fragrance for work in my opinion, but you may not think so. I agree with those who say it's versatile and fine to wear anytime of year. Sillage and projection are very good, so I wouldn't do more than two sprays for work. Longevity is excellent, it'll last until your shower the next day.

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    Default Re: PdN New York questions

    If you like BdP - then you'll love New York, but why take a chance - sample first from The Perfumed Court
    Fleur de Lalita by Dusita (As soon as I can find a split)
    Erawan by Dusita (As soon as I can find a split)
    La Douceur de Siam by Dusita
    Fontevraud by Bruno Fazzolari
    Pikovaya Dama by Xerjoff
    Sex and the Sea by Francesca Bianchi
    Tahitian Honey by Strange Invisible Perfumes
    Slowdive by Hiram Walker
    Tituba by SIXTEEN92
    Tobacco Stick by SOIVOHLE

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    Default Re: PdN New York questions

    This is my review comparing BdP and NY. I'd consider the Creed far easier to wear in the office than the more luscious and androgynous New York.

    "This is a great perfume. It's as if Jean Kerleo had reengineered Bois du Portugal - to the point where what defines it invites comparisons with Patou pour homme rather than the popular Creed fragrance. The essence of the Creed lies in its Occam's razor-like reduction to a few brilliantly combined basics that make for a sharply contured, beautifully precise masculine smoky perfection. Despite clear similarities in actual smell to Portugal at some stages of New York's development its attitude is entirely different. Like Patou pour homme it indulges in the complexity of its construction and wealth of rich ingredients, shapeshifting between oriental and chypre, layering citrus upon powdery florality, spicy wood and animalics, even crossing gender lines. It achieves this, amazingly, within a more conservative frame of gentlemanly deportment than Patou (which has a far more daringly herbaceous opening and turns sweeter in its cinnamon-clove-jasmin heart) but that is just another indicator of the particular genius of this creation. I would not want to be without any of these three masterpieces, which are related, yet so very distinct. My only wish would be that Patricia de Nicolai do something called "San Francisco" next."

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    Default Re: PdN New York questions

    I like them both, but find NY easier to wear and the better fragrance overall. It's kind a great citrus character that's lacking in BdP. I think it's definitely appropriate for the office. The sillage and longevity is good, but not overpowering.

    I think it's a pretty safe blind buy. Don't they have small bottles at beauty habit that aren't very expensive? I forget but I believe you can get a small bottle (maybe an ounce) for about $50. That's one of the great buys available today. There's also a 25% off sale, I think, for the rest of the month.

    Well worth it.
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    Default Re: PdN New York questions

    New York is a safe blind buy. It smells fantastic in all stages of its development - very satisfying fragrance. I think you will like it.

    But, is it a good choice for the office? Only you can answer this one. What feels right in your particular office situation and what type of people do you work with? What is their tolerance level for adventure in fragrance? I know when I went to the office everyday I definitely selected my fragrance based on the tolerance of the people I worked with and in my situation the office was a different setting and type of person everyday. If I was working with our creative group - artists and writers etc - I was willing to try things that were more challenging and postmodern - take some risks in fragrance. If I was to be around the manufacturing team or the admin or accounting people, I stayed with clean, fresh and very straightforword scents that were easy to trust and appreciate. If I was around our sales and marketing staff I might indulge in something a little more romantic or oriental in nature (like New York) since these people make a living selling dreams and idealized versions of reality most of time anyway.

    New York, the fragrance, is an engaging fragrance and a very friendly story with a happy, warm fuzzy ending. A little bit of an idealized scent. Can your workplace handle that?

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    Default Re: PdN New York questions

    I was disappointed in New York compared to the other PdN fragrances I tried. It lacks the subtleties I appreciate in their other frags.

    Beautyhabit has a sample program. I recommend getting a sample first.

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    Default Re: PdN New York questions

    I had a bottle but traded or sold it. Is it a powdery base if I am correct? Or was that Floris Santal?

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    Default Re: PdN New York questions

    I will be buying a bottle of this as my next purchase.

    I've found a stockist in London where it is surprisingly reasonably priced at £42.00 for 100mls.

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