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    Default Yves Saint Laurent...

    Did YSL wore his own perfumes ??

    Somebody knows ?

    Renzo :-)

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    Default Re: Yves Saint Laurent...

    I think he would have been hard pressed to find better ones (except Kouros, with all due respect to fans)

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    Default Re: Yves Saint Laurent...

    I read somwhere (more than once) that Pour Homme was created for his own personal use and later, he decided to release it. I don't know how accurate that story is and the case about any other of the YSL scents. But I also read the same about Armani and his Eau Pour Homme.
    I would opt to believe both since both were their first men's scents and they are of distinct quality.
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    Default Re: Yves Saint Laurent...

    as far as i know:
    -He loved Yvresse 'Champagne' the most of his fragrances.
    -Pour Homme was made for him personaly.
    - He ordered his secretary to spray 'Rive Gauche' -the blue one- in his office at 5 Av. Marceau before his arrival.
    - his favorite floer was Rose, so he wanted "the most gorgeous rose fragance ever" which was the shortest fragrance brief.. & then came 'Paris' by Sophia Grojsman.
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