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    Default I like Joop!...and a hello

    Hi all,

    New here, I thought I'd introduce myself before adding my 2 cents worth onto the review boards. What better way to do it than state my preference in my liking of such a polarizing scent as Joop! Believe me though, back in my youth I learned very quickly how easy it is to over-apply, and I certainly know how others can be turned off by this one.

    I've been quite keen on colognes since high school and throughout college, but had to take quite a few years off due to a job that doesn't really call for much cologne (in the military.) But now that I am back out in the "real world" I can once again smell the way I want to smell! This has gotten me interested once again in colognes, and I was quite pleased to come across this site. I've been lurking on it for a couple of weeks now, doing some homework on some of the more popular colognes on this site and just recently ordering some samples of some of them, including: Ungaro III, Angel, L'eau Dissey, D&G, M7, AdG, the Burberrys (Brit and London), and Dirty English. Yeah I may be late in arriving to the party on some of them, but I'm fine with that! I look forward to wearing these new scents and throwing my opinion into the pile as I do so. New chapter in my life unfolding, and it's now time for some new scents!

    Thank you to those of you who have already put countless hours into this passion of wanting to smell, and feel, good. You've given me some good starts on exploring exactly what's out there on the market today. I'm also from a less densely populated part of the Midwestern U.S., and good department stores with big cologne selections are a couple hours away in either direction. So I find it more convenient to do most of my research and buying online. I don't have much patience for writing to individual companies requesting samples, and on the other hand I don't mind paying every once in a while to get samples sent to me from places like scented monkey.

    Anyways, for those of you still with me, I look forward to talking in the future. Glad to be on these boards.

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    Default Re: I like Joop!...

    Hi, you're very welcome to our varied and diverse world!

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    Default Re: I like Joop!...and a hello

    At least someone here likes Joop!

    A big, warm welcome to BN, amused!
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    Default Re: I like Joop!...and a hello

    Welcome to Basenotes Amused.

    We look forward to hearing about your reviews of your recently ordered.samples. And always know that you have a great group of people on this forum who are more then happy to help you with any questions that you have.

    Happy sampling!
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    Thumbs up Re: I like Joop!...and a hello

    Welcome ! I Also Like JOOP !!!
    It was my favourite during 1 year !
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    Default Re: I like Joop!...and a hello

    Welcome aboard friend

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    Thumbs up Re: I like Joop!...and a hello

    Welcome Aboard!!!

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    Default Re: I like Joop!...and a hello

    Welcome to BN.

    Some good choice in there, I hope you find something you like.

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    Default Re: I like Joop!...and a hello

    Welcome to the board of scents...I think it´s time for you to start sniffing some niche scents...maybe Original Santal by Creed would attract you (it got a bit of Joop pour homme).
    This board can raise your wanting of fragrances :-) believe me

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    Default Re: I like Joop!...and a hello

    At last! A Joop! defender. How long I've waited for someone like you to come wandering in off the trails.

    Glad to have you with us, Amused, and we all know Joop! Homme, where ever a scent's consciousness might be, is going to be comforted that at last someone can stick up for it here. Long live our favorites!

    Welcome and keep us current on your sample and purchases.
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    Default Re: I like Joop!...and a hello

    Oh yeah, and it sure is nice when new members introduce themselves!

    Pretty cool.
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    Default Re: I like Joop!...and a hello

    What? You like Joop! Homme?! Isn’t it illegally?!

    Welcome, man!
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    Default Re: I like Joop!...and a hello

    Basenotes will make you a convert mate...Your feelings about 'Joop' will change for'd be exposed to so many fragrances now that you'd be left with no choice but to run over YOUR old favourite...

    Wish you all the best for your time here and Welcome!!


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    Default Re: I like Joop!...and a hello

    Hey all,

    Thanks for the warm welcome here, I do look forward to trying the new scents that I've received and reporting back. I've given the D&G Masculine a wearing already, and although I will reserve final judgement until I try it out again once or twice, I already know that I'm no fan of the drydown. Perhaps it's just too "youthful" of a scent for me, although I'm also not -that- old (age 27.)

    As for defending Joop!, I will say this. I went from wearing this one quite often in my youth to really only wearing it "once in a while" now for "special occasions." I still like it though, and will continue to rock it (responsibly) unless I find something worthy of kicking it out of my collection altogether. After a decade though, I don't think it's going anywhere too quickly.

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    Default Re: I like Joop!...and a hello

    I like Joop! as well. But only if the temperature is below 70, and a total of one full spray is used at max.

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    Default Re: I like Joop!...and a hello

    Welcom to BN!
    I'm a fan of Joop! Homme and its re-interpretations(!), which includes:
    -Joop! Homme Chill Out
    -MontBlanc Individuel
    -Cristobale By Balenciaga
    -Original Santal by Creed
    Also give a shot to "Tabarome" by Creed. Its fantastic!
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    Default Re: I like Joop!...and a hello

    I like Joop too.It makes me feel happy.I love the deodrant spray the edt and the summer editions,especially beach clubbing from a couple of years ago.Even if I wear more expensive fragrances my girls at work all say they prefer Joop,it must be the reaction on my skin.
    By the way I did get into their other fragrance,What about Adam which was an acquired scent but then it was discontinued.Anyone else?

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    Default Re: I like Joop!...and a hello

    Okay, so I actually got around to sampling all of my first batch of scents quite a while ago, and even wrote up a review. Then I inadvertently pushed some "magical" button on my computer and it all went away before I could post it. Good stuff. So let's try this again!

    I found Ungaro III to smell absolutely amazing. I get the slightly "dark" smell that others have described, but it isn't -that- dark. The sweet smell of mingling fruits and flowers that I get keep it just about right on my skin, and the touch of powder that I get in this one is just about right as I don't like a whole lot. I will be purchasing a bottle of this soon.

    I was also impressed with Dirty English for many of the same reasons that I liked Ungaro III. Again, it's a sweet, leathery smell on me that definately seems to say something about one's personality, or at least their tastes in fragrances. It may have gotten slammed around a bit on these boards but I personally find it completely bottle-worthy, and will be buying this as well.

    Angel Men was my first experience with a gormand, and it is quite a pleasing scent. I read somewhere that quite a few women go for the gourmand scents on a guy, but all my wife had to say when I had her smell was "huh, chocolatey!" So although I can't really knock this scent at all, I won't be purchasing it as I just don't want to smell this way, however pleasant it may be.

    L'Eau D'Issey pour Homme was the biggest surprise to me, and not in a good way. I've smelled this scent countless times on others, and always enjoyed it. So much in fact, that it's the only cologne that I can remember asking another guy what he was wearing because of it. I was quite excited to get a sample and try it out on my skin, and unfortunately, I was quite disappointed. Although this scent is one of the more popular ones around these parts, on my skin it just smells like a lemony-scented chemical factory had an explosion. I quickly developed a headache after applying only a very modest amount to my wrists. I decided to shower to wash the scent off, but apparently no mere Irish Spring can kill this one because I was still smelling it strong through the next day. Ugh. And perhaps the worst part is, I no longer enjoy smelling this scent on others. What a disappointment. But oh, well, there's plenty of other scents out there... Dolce & Gabbana pour Homme, which I had the displeasure of trying a few days after the poor L'Eau D'Issey incident. Too bad this one offended me even more. I can definately see why others like this, but to me it's just too lemoney, once again, and the powdery drydown and the accompaniment of a scent that I can only relate to as rubber, killed this one for me. No, thank you.

    M7 by Yves Saint Laurent. What a popular scent. Too bad it just stinks on me. Maybe I got a bad sample? I really can't see how this one is so popular but yet it repulses me so much. Oh, well.

    Just about everyone knows what Acqua di Giò pour Homme smells like, so I won't go into my experience with it too much. I will say however that I very much enjoy this scent, but will not buy a bottle because it's what EVERYONE wears where I live.

    Now onto the good stuff. Burberry, where have you been all my life? I can remember visiting London back when they were launching London, and all the hype in advertising that seemed to accompany it at the time. However I wasn't too interested in quality colognes at the time and it passed me by. I am glad that I've taken the time now to smell both Brit and London, and will be definately purchasing both soon. Brit seems to personify just how I would like to smell on a cold, wintery day here in the Midwestern U.S., and to me it announces "classy." At times I get a whiff that makes me think it's just too "mature" of a scent for me to wear (as in, perhaps it would work better as I reach my 30's), but I'm getting there and feel I pull off this scent. London is quite a different story with the same happy ending though (that ending being that I will purchase a bottle and wear it proudly.) The scents in London combine on my skin to form a boozey-smelling fragrance, which isn't a bad thing. The wife also digs it and that bodes well for my new-found "obsession."

    So there ya have it, I may not be the most poetic in describing what I like, or even the most descriptive, but that's what the fragrance review boards are for. This is just my quick takes on them.

    I had a great time trying out these scents, and have already compiled a rather long list of further frags to try. I've whittled this list down to 10 frags that I will be ordering samples of very soon, and these frags are; Touch for Men by Burberry, Rococo Homme by Joop!, Body Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci Pour Homme by Gucci, Gucci Pour Homme II by Gucci, Déclaration by Cartier, Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin, Geir by Geir Ness, Live Jazz by Yves Saint Laurent, and Ghost Man by Ghost. More to follow in a few weeks!
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    Default Re: I like Joop!...and a hello

    Welcome to Basenotes! I love the resources this site provides as well.

    Oh also *Snorts another line* don't get addicted

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