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    Default Scent: (caveat: May Be Vulgar)


    This is my very first post to basenotes.

    I hope that no one finds this vulgar, and contrary to acceptable use. If so, I woulf ask the moderator to edit it for content.

    Here goes.

    In terms of the most intoxicating heady scent in my experience, has been when I have consumed a first growth Sauternes (Chateau D'Yquem) with a Pate Fois Gras, and then smelled the Sauternes, "recycled" as it were on my warm pee the following day.

    I don't know if anyone else has smelled that before, but it is one of the most shocking morning experiences one could possibly have.

    Can a scent like that ever be reproduced in a perfume?


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    Default Re: Scent: (caveat: May Be Vulgar)


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    Default Re: Scent: (caveat: May Be Vulgar)

    Maybe you can find something in the Comme des Garcons Synthetic Series that smells similar. YSL Kouros would be a good place to start though.

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    Default Re: Scent: (caveat: May Be Vulgar)

    Well, this is an odd thread. If I didn't know better, I would say someone started this one just to make yet another Kouros thread with an alternate profile

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    Default Re: Scent: (caveat: May Be Vulgar)

    Last time I smelt some version of Kouros (it came in a blue bottle) and it was actually quite nice and fresh - smelt a bit like Sprite!

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    Default Re: Scent: (caveat: May Be Vulgar)

    Kouros I have. It is a brutal scent to punctuate a refined life.

    Likeable in its own way.


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    Default Re: Scent: (caveat: May Be Vulgar)

    Vassaari I have a question. Does the scent you desire smell like Sauterne or absolutely nothing like it?
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    Default Re: Scent: (caveat: May Be Vulgar)

    It isn't just Sauterne. A second growth, like Chateau Reusse, doesn't quite create the same scent.

    It seems that it is something unique to Chateau D'Yquem, along with Black truffle, once it is as it were "recycled".

    I don't know what it is, whether the alcohols are converted to aldehydes in the body, and whether the goose liver provides any minerals which catalyze the reaction.

    It is just a bouquet which I find evokes memory, almost like a "flashback".


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    Default Re: Scent: (caveat: May Be Vulgar)

    There could certainly be one or more fragrant metabolites from any of these food items. In particular, sulfur compounds tend to have very low thresholds of detectability. And numerous aroma compounds from meat, or metabolites of them, are excreted as described, in both humans and other mammals.

    It is likely that the scent chemicals involved here are already known substances. Thus, the answer is that - yes - some part of this could be used in a perfume. Although they are more likely being used (not trying to be vulgar) in food items with artificial flavors.

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    Default Re: Scent: (caveat: May Be Vulgar)

    Maybe Serge Lutens' Miel de Bois would be worth a shot. It's honey-sweet like sauternes and lots of people think it smells urinous.

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    Default Re: Scent: (caveat: May Be Vulgar)


    eat some more of that, drink some more of that....take a big piss in the morning, catch it in a bottle....add some alcohol, splash some on yo face and VOILA! Piss De Toilette.

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