I have just been given a sample of the new Ghost Sweetheart.
The adverts seem to be aiming at a young audience, comparing it
to the innocence of "first love!!!" I have it on my left wrist as we speak and
it's got a definite spearmint note (as in "first kiss" maybe??) along
some unidentifiable fruits. Nothing earthshattering so far....

I already get the feeling it isn't going to last all that long (again like that
first romance - or am I just being cynical??).

Oh, do I detect caramel creeping in now - heaven forefend....
There's also some heliotrope in there somewhere.
The base is a woodsy/amber with tonka, oakmoss (surely not!!),
vanilla and sandalwood apparently according to the blurb.

Has anyone else had the dubious pleasure of sniffing this new offering from Ghost.
I think, judging from the teenage model in the adverts that this is aiming at thirteen