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    Default Display/Storage problems? Where to put them all...

    So what do you all do about displaying/storing your fragrance bottles?

    I share a bathroom with my fiance so half of our large two-sink bathroom counter is hers. I keep my favored bottles on a tray and the others in a cabinet under the sink, but I'm running out of room everywhere. Even my fiance, who is a product hoarder, is starting to make fun of me.

    Stories and suggestions?

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    Default Re: Display/Storage problems? Where to put them all...

    Since I'm in an apartment with no air conditioning, everything is in a minifridge. But before I moved, I used to just have everything on a shelf in my closet, or in the drawer of my nightstand (deep drawers). I would say a good bet is a nice little endtable with a couple of drawers in it, or if your collection is really big, a small sideboard/cabinet with doors or drawers. I would advise against continuing to store things out on the counter, or in any cabinet with glass doors, since fragrance can be destroyed over time by light.

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    Default Re: Display/Storage problems? Where to put them all...

    On a shelf in the hall closet. Not only does it have the most available space, it's also dark and also the coolest spot in a very hot house.

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    Default Re: Display/Storage problems? Where to put them all...

    bbBD do NOT continue to store your fragrances in the bathroom counter. You are subjecting them to two of the worst conditions for fragrance storage: drastic changes in temperature and light.

    Keep them in a dark, cool area. I keep mine in my closet, on a shelf.
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