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    Default Answers for our UK member???

    I've copied the comment below from another thread to highlight onanendlessquest's question about decanting supplies and to give her a rousing ...
    :wave: WELCOME! :bounce:
    Quote Originally Posted by onanendlessquest View Post
    I am so glad I decided to log on again after a very long time away. This is a wonderful thread and many of your postings have given me insight.

    I have been through many changes the past two years +.We sold/gave away everything including our home, from a 25 year marriage and moved to another country. That will change your life. Till then I had hoarded things including my fave fragrances. You all have helped me release some of the grief I've been feeling about parting with with the old.

    The new and exciting perfume discoveries awaiting me will be my focus now. I look forward to sharing them here.

    By the way, does anyone know where you can get decanting supplies in the UK?
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    Default Re: Answers for our UK member???

    Thank you for your kindness, Quarry!! So nice to talk with you.

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    Default Re: Answers for our UK member???

    My very favorite (found through another wonderful BN member!) is Sally at Accessories for Fragrances.

    She has loads of international customers, good selection and prices.
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    Default Re: Answers for our UK member???

    This UK website also has some fragrance accessories:

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    Default Re: Answers for our UK member???

    Its based in holland but the advantage is that you can order any quantity you want, even just the one. They also clearly mark what can be mailed in an envelop,

    I don´t know how their quality is, I assume it will be decent since they supply therapists as well. I´m waiting to receive my order from them in fact and then I can give more information.

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    Default Re: Answers for our UK member???

    Hi there!
    Gave away all your fragrances. Wow.
    Out of curiosity (sorry - I'm just damn nosy!) which ones did you keep? Because that's got to be the ultimate mark of respect in the ultimate wardrobe cull.
    But to reply to your original question;l I also use
    I find her enormously pleasant to deal with and the package arrives very quickly. Even though you have to pay for overseas postage, it's pretty cost-effective if you want to get dozens of atomisers.
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    Default Re: Answers for our UK member???

    I third a vote for sally @ accessoires for fragrances. I just love the stickers on the packaging.
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