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    Default Aveda Pure-Fume Tonic for Men

    Only a few positive reviews and a couple of mentions in threads here and there on Aveda Pure-Fume Tonic for Men. I was wondering if anyone that uses/has used this fragrance could comment on it.

    First of all, is it a cologne or more of a body spray/mist? I've read that you can also spray it in your hair, which leads me to believe it's a body spray. But at $34 for a 2.5 oz bottle, I would hope that it is a cologne or EDT strength.

    Also it seems to have lemon in it. Does this mean it smells a lot like Calvin by Calvin Klein? I already own that frag so would this end up being too similar?

    Any else that you could tell me would be great. The mall I would have to traverse to and test this is a bit far, so I'd rather not go if any of the above are true.

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    Default Re: Aveda Pure-Fume Tonic for Men

    Hi Atrac,

    glad to find another Aveda Per-Fume Tonic fan.

    This is a simple scent, and should be totally natural/organic BTW.
    It is a cologne that can be used also like body mist. It smell like verbena/lemon/bergamot + lavender. I use it when the weather is very hot and humid.

    It is crisp and refreshing and has a kind of Talcum-Powder drydown, very clean and uplifting. The scent lasts on the air of the room when you spray this you on, and it is one of the nicest smell I can think of. I mean it smell different from a distance than on the body, any way it smells great.

    The lasting power seems poor at first, but then suddenly the scents emerges again and again during the day, so don't overspray it, even if it seems light and an airy.

    My compliments. Enjoy it!

    Cheers. Wald:toppie:

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    Default Re: Aveda Pure-Fume Tonic for Men

    Moreover, Aveda Per-fume Tonic doesn't resemble any cologne I've smelt before, even if the ingredients are soo classic...

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