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    Default Hamptons Reformulated?

    I know awhile back everybody was out of Bond No. 9 Hamptons...including the Bond No. 9 website/store. I was told that production had stopped for a short while while it was being "fixed"...or something of the sort... I forgot the actual word used. I actually just bought a brand new bottle from Saks yesterday and compared it to my old bottle. The new bottle seemed a little different least in the top notes. It could have been my imagination but I'm not sure. Has anyone else heard anything about this?

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    Default Re: Hamptons Reformulated?

    I haven't heard anything about that, actually. I'm wearing it today from an older bottle but I have some new (from Bond St. store they sent a few days ago) Hamptons samples... I'll give it a comparison test later.
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    Default Re: Hamptons Reformulated?

    I hope they don't messup that unbelievably SEXY blackcurrant note.

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    Default Re: Hamptons Reformulated?

    I hope they don't have a supplier problem.

    The last thing we would need is to loose the Hamptons, or for that matter Union Square

    New Bond No. 9 Union Square is featured on Page 93 of this weeks HELLO, alongside a piece on the funeral of Yves Saint Laurent.


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    Default Re: Hamptons Reformulated?

    I got a reply back from Bond No. 9 today. Evidently, any change that I noticed was just me or because it was brand new. After some more sampling, I think it may have just been me perhaps. Anyway, here's their repsonse..

    Dear Brandon,

    Thank you for taking the time to email us and for your interest in Bond No.9 New York, the first New York scent ever made. We are interested to discover where you heard this information, as you were unfortunately misinformed! Thank you for taking the time to contact us and inquire about the truth behind this. Bond No. 9's Hamptons is not being reformulated and is available for purchase online at *As we are currently experiencing technical difficulties with our website, due to routine maintenance and a performance update, please contact our E-Commerce Department at (212) 228.0842 x20 for further inquiries. Thank you.

    We look forward to having you as a long time customer. We hope you will continue to enjoy our NYC scents.


    Bond No. 9 Customer Service

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    Default Re: Hamptons Reformulated?

    Just saw this thread... That's a relief, Hamptons is my favorite summer scent

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