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    Default What would tech CEOs wear (Steve Jobs, Steve Ballmer, etc.)?

    Here's my thoughts on what different tech CEOs would wear:

    • Steve Jobs (Apple): Thinks different, so he'd wear something by The Different Company...
    • Steve Ballmer (Microsoft): Loud, overplayed, and poorly put together, just like Vista... I'd say original Aramis.
    • Eric Schmidt (Google): Google's corporate culture is "complicated simplicity", just like Comme des Garcons fragrances (probably one of the Odeur series or CdG 2/2 MAN).
    • Jerry Yang (Yahoo!): You just got done fighting a takeover bid from Microsoft (see Steve Ballmer). Now, you're fighting activist shareholder/corporate raider (take your pick) Carl Icahn. Time for something calming, like the Eau d'Italie line?
    • Mark Hurd (Hewlett-Packard): This one's easy... Clive Christian No. 1. The only fragrance more expensive than HP's overpriced printer ink.
    • Larry Ellison (Oracle): In addition to databases, he has good taste in clothes.. I'd say that Green Irish Tweed fits him well.
    • John Chambers (Cisco): Narciso Rodriguez for Him sounds awfully similar to Nar-cisco Router-iguez for geeks...
    • Michael Dell (Dell): Acqua di Gio... the Dell Inspiron of fragrances. Easy to buy and used by millions, but you smell the same as everyone else.
    • Rob Glaser (RealNetworks): His favorite snack is Krispy Kreme doughnuts, so it would have to be a gourmand. Maybe A*Men?

    Your thoughts?
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    Default Re: What would tech CEOs wear (Steve Jobs, Steve Ballmer, etc.)?

    Nice one!!

    and if i may answer on behalf of our friend Sampler Mike, they'd all wear Creed!

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    Default Re: What would tech CEOs wear (Steve Jobs, Steve Ballmer, etc.)?

    I think this is not a commentary on what they would actually wear, but a social commentary of sorts. The scents you chose have nothing to do with the personalities of those in question, but rather how you perceive them professionally and personally.

    While it may be a fun exercise, I don't see the point. No offense.

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