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    Default Carlo Corinto Vetyver

    Yesterday I wore this. It was a hot Sunday afternoon and evening. Errands called on me to cross the city with several long stretches of walking with a shoulder strap bag on. Lots of sweat. Every time I came out of the hot sun or stopped for a street light my sweat soaked oval puddles into all the predictable positions of my shirt.

    But I smelled clean, bleached, and dry all day. This stuff has longevity beyond superior. Walking by my dirty clothes basket this morning I caught it again--all the laundry smells of it, and thus I must have last night at dusk when I finally caught the subway back to my place and stood holding the metal bar at the top of the crowded car.

    It's a very peppery vetiver. Not a wet one or a moody, brood-y one. It's like sundried wood vetiver. Very close to Patricial de Nicolai's Vetyver. The latter has more cardamom effect combined with the pepper, and seems to develop and shift a bit more in the course of the day, but really, neither of them are all that interesting as smells to me.

    They're both hot smelling. They affect the nose like the hot air out of the oven when you lean down and open the door. I don't think this is a good thing about a body fragrance myself, but it does play well the trick of making you think you must be dry, clean, and comfortable because of how it falls in the nose with those associations.

    The stuff doesn't develop or change much in the course of the day. There's vetiver aplenty there, but the total package doesn't hit me with vetiver the way I like vetiver. I guess I like it deep, either in its sappy self or blended with florals, tobacco, citrus, amber, or all the other possible mid and base notes.

    Carlo Corinto Vetiver seems to fulfill the edc type scent role perfectly. It's linear, it's long lasting, it's shower and clenliness, it's respectable, it's un-vain. One would wear it so that others minds would say about you, "there goes a gentleman and find upstanding member of the community." Exactly what a traditional edc-like fragrance does.

    The advantage is that it lasts forever, unlike the usual idea of an edc.

    I'd buy a bottle when I come across one, but I've been given a very generous sample by a wonderful Basenoter and it will keep me happy for any other blasted hot Sunday afternoon furnaces. I'll seek out other vetivers for adventure though.
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    Post Re: Carlo Corinto Vetyver

    And, that is one reason why this my favorite Vetyver.Red pepper, a little Citrus, light woods, I don't get alot of Anise, as some do, but is still there in the back ground. I get the Vetyver note through out the whole progression. These notes are so well blended that they form an accord thats damn near perfect. Getting harder, and harder to find.If you can find it, it's well worth at least a sample. IMHO!
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    Default Re: Carlo Corinto Vetyver

    I've been meaning to buy a bottle of this for while, but never see it in stock anywhere, not even online.

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    Default Re: Carlo Corinto Vetyver

    Quote Originally Posted by strifeknot View Post
    I've been meaning to buy a bottle of this for while, but never see it in stock anywhere, not even online.
    I think someone has this in the B&S column. Give it a try.

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