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    Default Upcoming Designer Fragrances You Want to Try


    As much as I love my niche purchases, it is much easier for me to try out designer fragrances due to good availablity.

    I am looking forward to trying out the following frags as soon as they come out:

    Lalique "White"
    Canali "Style"
    Armani "Diamonds for Men"
    Prada "Infusion D'Homme"
    Gucci "Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme"
    Cartier "Roadster"
    Guerlain "Homme"
    Christian Dior fragrance for me (Have ben told that this will be a sporty frag!)
    Paco Rabanne "1 Million"
    Givenchy "Pi Neo"

    Looks like I will have plenty to look forward to, especially with many of these fragrances becoming available in August/September!

    I am almost certain of purchasing the Canali and Prada fragrances straight off, but I can see myself making more than a few designer purchases before the year is out!

    Is there any designer frags that you are looking forward to becoming available?

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    Default Re: Upcoming Designer Fragrances You Want to Try

    When's the John Galliano scent going to be released? I think it's been pushed back since ever.
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    Default Re: Upcoming Designer Fragrances You Want to Try

    I don't ever have any luck with designer frags. Most just smell too similar to me. It's hard to look forward to another wannabe.
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    Default Re: Upcoming Designer Fragrances You Want to Try

    Anna Sui for Men

    Curious if she is ging to put her influence on this. She's crazy creative so this one may be fun.


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    Default Re: Upcoming Designer Fragrances You Want to Try

    Yeah Roadster (Cartier) and Homme (Guerlain) for me too. Plus Tom Ford's White Patchouli.
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    Default Re: Upcoming Designer Fragrances You Want to Try

    Yes, I like to try the designers, too - Saks and Sephora are great excuses to go to the mall. For me it will be:

    Prada Infusion D'Homme - not happy with last Prada I tried - I want to give them another shot
    Gucci Gucci by Gucci Pour Homme - just love the pour femme EdP on my wife, but won't wear it myself since it's "her" scent. I'm really intrigued by this. Hope they keep the garish volume up high.
    Cartier Roadster - I like Declaration - maybe I'll like this better.
    Givenchy Pi Neo - loved Pi back in the day, but no longer. I want to love Pi again.
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    Default Re: Upcoming Designer Fragrances You Want to Try

    I'm looking forward to the ones that You have mentioned.....I am also looking forward to Kenzo Power.....This Fall Season looks to be very exciting......I can't wait.....but I will not wish away my summer either.

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