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    Default Yang....

    what is a difference between Yang by Fath and Yang by Ying Yang??? is the same scent?..
    I had read that had much sillage and was very long-lasting, but at least to me, does not work(sorry for my poor english).

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    Your english is fine - I think the problem lies with the re-formulated Yang. I've read from several others that the newer version by yin-yang was in fact quite a bit less in the strength and sillage department. Not sure which version I have but I always give my shirt a few sprays before leaving the house and that seems to help it last for three to four hours.

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    Well, noirwest has been on this longer than me so he may know better.
    That said, I think it was only rebranded, not reformulated. the only comparison I could find was wirtten by scentemental here:

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