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    Default Intimately Beckham - HUH??

    Still in shock. This is ACTUALLY a damn nice fragrance. I tried it today in a drugstore stopping in for toothpaste. I was wearing Fresh Sake (a fragrance not a restaurant accident) at the time. 1 hour later at home I kept sniffing "what is that smell?" - it was the Beckham on my wrist. So if Brit athletes can have a good fragrance under their name why can't Americans???? It's time for a merger between the Manning brothers and Chanel!


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    Default Re: Intimately Beckham - HUH??

    I liked Intimately Beckham when I smelled it also. It seemed mature and sophisticated, as if the wrong juice got into the bottle.

    I find the female version to be rather non-descript. On the other hand, if you are going to smell like every other fruity floral woman between the age of 16 and 26, you might as well pay drugstore prices

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    Default Re: Intimately Beckham - HUH??

    Oh I must try this one! I've heard many good things about it - what's it like?

    As a fan of the Beckham's I wouldn't have expected anything less than a good product...

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    Default Re: Intimately Beckham - HUH??

    I sampeled it once and remember it having a woody accord simillar to the M7 Fresh. However, I feel that is it not blended as well and in the end it gave me a headache. Still, if you want something simillar to the basenotes of M7F this is the way to go.

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    Default Re: Intimately Beckham - HUH??

    I sampled it on my wrist several months ago, and was shocked like you. It's really nice, full of amber, making it classy and modern. But it doesn't last long enough. I find it similar to Esprit Man collection, which is made by Coty as well and their bottles are identical. If I have to choose one, Esprit is my choice as it lasts longer.
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