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Thread: Ramon Molvizar

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    Default Ramon Molvizar

    Ramon Molvizar

    Who is he?

    What are Black Diamond and Black Goldskin like?

    I read through his site. The site looks cheaply made, I can honestly say I know a 4th grader with a better website, but the price tag on those scents aint cheap at all.


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    Default Re: Ramon Molvizar

    the website is not even close to being as cheesy as the bottles look! LOL

    i don't care what they smell like....i could never have bottles like that in my collection

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    True. It looks shady I meam I don't need "bling" IN my scent. In case anyone wants to read more on this BIZARRE line.


    And as for them being the "most sought after scents in Europe," WHY HAS NO ONE posted on them before here???

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    No one has any experience with these scents? The site says they are WORL RENOWNED and we know everything on the web is accurate .

    - Al

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    I am actually interested in their newest one. I think it's called Gift Homme. The bottle doesn't look as cheesy.

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