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    Default Facial Scrub Review

    Has anyone tried Best Bath Store Dead Sea Facial scrub? I used to use Ives Apricot Scrub which was pretty good and tried some store brand ones (not so good). But i just went on and the facial scrub was great. - long list of natural ingredients. Let me know your reviews on this and/or what you use to exfoliate.
    Looking forward to your responses.

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    My facial skin seems to thrive on (gentle) exfoliation, so twice a day I use Aloe 80 Organics' brand called Aloe Vera Clarifying Facial Scrub. It's commonly found in health food stores, but if they don't have it, I'm sure they can order it for you. Or, you can find it here:

    Awesome stuff.

    (The St. Ives brand is too detergent-like for me, with its' use of sodium lauryl sulfate & sodium laureth sulfate. Dries me out. The Aloe 80 brand is soap & detergent free, yet cleans thoroughly.)
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    Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

    Deep cleansing without scrubing the face.

    And as Dr Hauschka says

    Stop Scrubbing—your skin is not the bathroom floor.
    “Keep it clean.” That's step one in any healthy skin care regimen. It's common knowledge that dirt and impurities can cause breakouts and clog pores. Not so commonly understood is how easy it is to damage your skin by over-cleansing, scrubbing, or using harsh drying or exfoliating products.
    We want to remove excess dirt, oil and makeup without disturbing the skin's natural line of defense—the balance of oil and water on its surface layer known as the acid mantle. Soaps, scrubs and exfoliants can strip your face of this natural protection, resulting in dry, irritated skin and premature signs of aging. Dr. Hauschka's exclusive “press and roll” cleansing method gently removes excess dirt and oil while protecting the skin's natural defenses and stimulating healthy lymph flow. This encourages and supports healthy skin, resulting in a clear, radiant complexion.
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    I use urth Scrub and find it to be very effective. It gets followed with Nancy Boy toner and moisturizer. There's definitely improvement in my complexion since adopting this regimen.
    Rare, vintage, and niche off-site sales.
    Big list of niche splits.
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    Dermalogica prep scrub mixed with my cleanser or microfoliant which is just HG for me- I alternate, both really good.Gentle cream exfoliant is another mask from dermalogica,excellent result. Murad aha cleanser, it exfoliate,Murad enzyme masks, once a week, fabulous results. Modern Friction by Origins, or Clarins, and Orlane face scrub are good too!
    as you can see I have a whole palette.My excuse is I travel a lot, and skin condition change depending on climate, so I have different scrubs when needed, but again if I hadto choose only one product: Microfoliant hands down!
    But all these are excellent and way better than any drugstore brand.
    Another trick to daily exfoliate is to actually use face brsuh with your regular face foaming cleanser, this will help keep your skin clear and therefore lessen the need of scrubs.
    Best facial brush: shiseido massage brush.

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