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    Default Winners and Losers... 1/2 year!

    Ok friends... we are at the 1/2 year mark... time to take stock of our winners and losers for the year so far. The conditions: you tried it for the first time this year - or a serious reappraisal of a one time test from another year!

    1. Vintage Tabarome. Can't live without it. Now my official Holy Grail. This is me... this is the fragrance I was looking for.
    2. Silver - Amouage. A very nice and clean fragrance. Easy to wear, but distinctive. Only negative is the cost, as it's probably over-priced.
    3. Chanel Antaeus - why I didn't try this in the past I don't know. It is, again, just in line with my tastes in a fragrance.
    4. Vettiveru - CdG. It is one of the best vetivers I have tried. Clean and fresh and distinctive - longevity is great. Is it superior to Guerlain? No... but equal in the least!
    5. Vetivery - Guerlain: Yes... only tried it for the first time recently. Now I do understand why it's so popular!
    6. L'air du désert marocain - Tauer. One of my favorite deep and rich fragrances. There is a lot to discover in this fragrance - and something I won't get bored with!
    7.Jubilation XXV - Amouage - at first I found it weak and not so interesting, but after learning how to apply (a little more than a little less!), it's become a lot more interesting, and one that has garnered quite a few compliments!
    8. English Leather - Dana: Something this inexpensive, yet smells quite good, is a surprise and a simple enjoyment.
    9. Nasomatto Duro, Absinth and Hindu Grass. Awesome scents - awesome house so far. Duro is the best for me, with Absinth a close second and Hindu Grass only lacking because it's sillage is a bit less than the others. I really like these... comfort scents for me.
    10. Aigner PH - reminds me of some Creeds but at a fraction of the cost. Easily worn in any situation!
    11. Spiritueuse Double Vanille by Guerlain - similar to Labo Vanille 44 to my nose, yet, and unfortunately, not much cheaper. Still a winner... and a joy to wear. Yes my friends, it's masculine enough for a man!
    12. G11 by Il Profumo - great vetiver/tobacco fragrance. The more I wear this, the more I like this. It has some similarities to the Nasomatto's. Again, a good all round fragrance.

    1. As much as I liked Tauer's L'air du désert marocain - his Incense Rose was just awful on me... it was one of my first scrubbers.
    2. Hinoki - CdG. I tried it several times from a sample, and couldn't understand why it's so much more expensive than the other CdG Incense series. I like the fragrance, but not for $50's more than Kyoto or Jaimsler.
    3. Iris Bleu Gris by MPG. from the small sample I had it smelled great. Bought the bottle, and I think it has been reformulated. I have a feeling MPG has reformulated several of their fragrances. Pity...

    4. Rose Poivrée - Different Company. I had hoped for much more... this fragrance didn't have the body nor the depth that I had read about. Still, not bad, but it just wasn't really a wow... and really just barely passable on my skin.

    Might add more... as I think about them!
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    Default Re: Winners and Losers... 1/2 year!


    L'Air du Desert Morocain.


    I have smelled many, sampled some, and bought bottles, but there were no 'losers', just those that were not fortunate to make the medals stand.

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    Default Re: Winners and Losers... 1/2 year!


    Comme des Garcons Vettiveru
    Andy Tauer L'Air du Désert Marocain
    Nasomatto Absinth
    Serge Lutens Gris Clair


    Scent One Monocle: Hinoki - I just don't get it
    Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur - Meh
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    Default Re: Winners and Losers... 1/2 year!


    Bond Silver Factory
    Black Aoud
    Guerlain SDV
    Nasomatto Absinth


    I tried a lot i didnt care for but ones i was expecting more from was Hinoki and PdN New York. All good scents just wernt for me

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    Default Re: Winners and Losers... 1/2 year!

    christian Lacroix Tumulte
    Lartisan Timbuktu
    FM's En passant, Angelique sous la Pluie, Vetievr Extraordinare
    Bond's Bleecker Street
    Montale Roses Musk
    Mitsuko EDP
    Bois Blond I was hoping to get a bottle of this... LS increased its price
    Chanel allure Sport Cologne

    A lot but mainly
    FM Musk Ravageur
    CDG skai
    Montales Chypre Fruit

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    Default Re: Winners and Losers... 1/2 year!

    Amouage Jubilation
    Montale Red Aoud
    Bond No.9 Silver Factory
    Bond No.9 Fire Island
    Bond No.9 Great Jones
    Serge Lutens Gris Clair
    Serge Lutens Fumerie Turque
    Bogart Pour Homme
    Richard James Saville Row
    D'Orsay Le Dandy
    Comme De Garcons Series 2 Rose
    Creed Angelique Encens
    YSL Nu EDP
    Nina Ricci Signoricci
    Nina Ricci Ricci Club
    Miller Harris Terre de Bois
    Miller Harris Citron Citron

    Tonnes to remember...I try to remember only winners
    The rest of the Serge Lutens line besides Gris Clair and Fumerie Turque (available in US).
    Bois 1920 (The whole line except Patchouli Extreme)
    Bond No.9 Bleeker Street
    Bond No.9 Eau de New York
    Bond No.9 Chez Bond
    Versace Pour Homme
    Acqua di Parma Assoluta
    Jo Malone Vetiver
    Frederic Malle Outrageous
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    Default Re: Winners and Losers... 1/2 year!

    Czech & Speake - Cuba
    AdP - Colonia Assoluta
    Rochas - Eau de Rochas Pour Homme (even though it's very short lived)
    Michael Kors - Michael for Men
    Czech & Speake - No. 88 ( Haven't bought a full bottle yet, but I will closer to fall)
    Lagerfeld Classic
    Domenico Caraceni 1913 - ( Haven't bought a full bottle yet, but I will closer to fall )
    Rochas Man

    Francesco Smalto - I tired of this one so quickly...
    Creed - Original Vetiver I was looking for a soapy fresh scent... It's ok, but very... watery, almost diluted

    Agua de Loewe - Need more testing
    Rochas Lui - Wear it one time and it's one of the most unique, interesting designer fragrances. Wear it again, and it's very synthetic and annoying.and I want to sell it... Should be a fun summer trying to figure this one out...
    Bogart Pour Homme
    Idole de Lubin - I felt like I took a bath in a tub full of Captain Morgan...
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    Default Re: Winners and Losers... 1/2 year!

    YSL - Kouros
    Creed - Cypres Musc
    Helmut Lang - Cuiron
    Knize - Knize Ten

    A bunch of the free samples I get whenever I buy a frag at a Dept Store

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    Default Re: Winners and Losers... 1/2 year!

    Fragrances this year (1/2 yr) that are success:
    Duro, Nasomatto
    Golden Aoud, Montale
    Musk to Musk,Montale
    Straight to Heaven, by Killian
    Sel d' Vetiver, the Different Co.
    Let Me Play the Lion, Les Nez
    En Sens de Bois, Miller Harris
    Outrageous, Fred Malle
    Escentric 02, Escentric Molecules
    KenzoAir, Kenzo
    Sycomore, Chanel
    Monsier Givenchy,
    Hinoki, CdG
    S-ex, S Perfume

    Fragrances this year that I liked, but then . . . disappointment:
    Virigilio, Diptyque
    Isfarkand, Ormande Jayne
    Grey Flannel, Geoffrey Beene ( just tried it)
    Narcisso Rodriguez for Him

    Fragrances that are still being studied but show promise:
    Patchouli Noir, Il Profumo
    G-11, Il Profumo
    Tao, Ava Luxe
    Chaos, Ava Luxe
    Patchouli 24, Le Labo
    Ice Men, Thierry Mugler
    Unicorn Spell, Les Nez
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    Default Re: Winners and Losers... 1/2 year!

    Here are my lists. Just the top 5 (in no particular order) for each:


    1. Fou d'Absinthe
    2. Cologne Nature
    3. Brezza di Mare
    4. Fresco di Vetiver
    5. AdP Colonia


    1. Michael for Men
    2. Chanel Allure Pour Homme Sport
    3. Diptyque Olene
    4. Gendarme
    5. GIT

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    Default Re: Winners and Losers... 1/2 year!


    Jubilation XXV - the most appealing thing to come from Amouage since Dia. Bravo Bertrand!

    Intrigant Patchouli - a patchouli that manages to be earthy, animalic, and ethereal, all at once.

    Botrytis - yes, it's a fungus, but the scent really does capture the spirit of a fine Sauternes.

    Derby - simply great. Scents like this justify Guerlain's reputation. In spades.

    Mitsouko Pure Parfum - puts a classic sent in a whole new perspective. I'm getting to know Mitsouko all over again.

    Cuir de Russie - one of the most exquisite leather fragrances I've smelled. A necessary bottle for me, even if it is immense.


    Outrageous - a sad turn for a great house.

    Demeter Thunderstorm - a chemical miasma masquerading as a weather condition. A good argument for outlawing aquatic scents.

    Skarb - my nominee for the biggest piece of hokum in the fragrance industry. It's greatest virtue: the maker's hysterically funny description. Oh, and did I mention, it smells lousy, too.
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    Default Re: Winners and Losers... 1/2 year!

    Vetiver de Java - Il Profumo
    Préparation Parfumée - Andrée Putman
    Hierbas de Ibiza - Hierbas de Ibiza
    Hindu Grass - Nasomatto
    Parfum d'Habit - Maître Parfumeur et Gantier
    L'Air du Desert Marocain - Tauer
    Mare - Beth Terry Creative Universe
    A Taste of Heaven - By Kilian
    Fem - Nancy Boy
    Butch - Nancy Boy

    Green Tea with Mint - L'Occitane
    Eau de Monsieur - Annick Goutal
    Eau des Îles - Maître Parfumeur et Gantier
    Erolfa - Creed
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    Default Re: Winners and Losers... 1/2 year!


    CdG - Hinoki
    FM - Vetiver Extraordinaire

    Those are numbers 1 & 2 on my most wanted scents. I may pull the trigger on the Vetiver soon so I can get some mileage out of it in the summer.


    Black Aoud - Sorry guys, I just cant stand it. C&S No. 88 is how a dark rose scent should be done in my book.

    Nasomatto - Silver Musk
    Prada - Prada Man/Amber Pour Homme
    Tom Ford - Oud Wood

    A L'Artisan Cap (old or new style)

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    Default Re: Winners and Losers... 1/2 year!

    I'm only going to mention one in each category, because there's just too many to mention...

    Winner: Scent One: Hinoki by Comme des Garcons
    Loser: Un Jardin Apres la Mousson by Hermes
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    Default Re: Winners and Losers... 1/2 year!

    Of my purchases so far this year (I've almost completely refurbished my wardrobe, I won't mention them all) -


    Egoiste - Didn't like it at first, but I gave it another go at a store on my arm and fell in love instantly. Bought a bottle right there and then.
    Rose 31 - My favorite rose so far.
    Hammam Bouquet - A bit soapier than I'd expected, but nevertheless a great floral.
    Fumerie Turque - This one needed a little getting used to, but now I appreciate it for what it is.

    Platinum Egoiste - I got bored of it.
    CdG Avignon - I get that it's aesthetically a masterpiece, but a little too musty for me to wear.
    C&S 88 - Found it a little too harsh on my skin.

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    Default Re: Winners and Losers... 1/2 year!


    L'air du Desert Marocain - Tauer - Phenomenal in every way!
    Rock Crystal - Oliver Durbano - In a similar style to L'air... its fantastic!
    Citrus Paradisi - Czech & Speake - A mature citrus done well!
    Vetiver Extraordinaire - Malle - VERY extraordinary!
    Black Orchid - Tom Ford - Opulence at its finest.


    Knize Ten - Knize - A bit hardcore on the leathers for my tastes
    Black Aoud - Montale - Cant go past the "citronella" accord I detect
    Ambre Sultan - Serge Lutens - Not my favourite amber
    Numero Uno - Carthusia - Does not work well with my skin.

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    Default Re: Winners and Losers... 1/2 year!

    Amouage Jubilation XXV - I agree with Vibert and am utterly smitten with this scent.
    Creed Original Vetiver - strong like has turned into profound love.

    Tragic Winner:
    Chanel pour Monsieur - exceptionally beautiful but no lasting power, so very sad.

    A*Men - I guess I've grown out of it.
    Montana Parfum d'Homme - since owning Havana, I've no further interest in this one.
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    Thumbs up Re: Winners and Losers... 1/2 year!


    1.Aramis 900
    2.Antaeus(Borrowed it)
    3.Musc Ravagar (I like It)
    4.1913(From a sample)
    6.Tea For Two
    7.Eau Sauvage
    8.Zino by Davidoff
    9.Creed Royal Delight
    10. Creed Original Santal
    11.Bel Ami


    1.Aqua Di Gio
    2.Kenneth Cole (The whole line)
    4.Allure Sport

    There's more I'm sure.

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    Default Re: Winners and Losers... 1/2 year!


    1. Chanel Pour Monsieur - Tried it for the first time and bought a bottle on a whim (one of only two bottles purchased during the first half of the year). Just keeps getting better every time I wear it. A masterpiece that deserves its great reputation!

    2. Tauer Incense Rosé - Not LDDM (what is) but a fascinating and accomplished scent. Not quite convinced it's for me yet, but I'm glad I have two generous samples to play with.

    3. L'Artisan Tea for Two - I've never really gone for gourmands, but it turns out that smelling like chai is very comforting at times.

    4. Trumper Eucris - Just got the very generous Trumper sample pack and this is the first one I've tried. It's terrific: green, herbal, and sophisticated.

    5. Diptyque Tam Dao - A terrific sandalwood. I'm going to wait for cooler weather to do a systematic sample comparison with Villoresi Sandalo (which also belongs on the winner's list).

    6. L'Eau d'Italie Paestum Rose - Beautifully done rose and incense scent.

    7. Caldey Island Lavender Water - Just made a blind buy of this. Have worn it once and it is indeed a terrific lavender soliflore. And quite a bargain!


    1. Montale Aoud Limes - My wife hates this. I initially found it intriguing. A second wearing, however, made me understand my wife's aversion.

    2. L'Eau de Diptyque - I like cloves. I do not necessarily want to smell like them.


    1. Diptyque Eau Trois
    2. Diptyque Virgilio
    3. W&T Royals Heroes
    4. W&T Black Tie
    5. Montale Black Aoud (though whether or not I decide I like this, I'm sure that I prefer C&S No. 88)
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    Default Re: Winners and Losers... 1/2 year!

    So far this year...

    BIG WINNER: Mazzolari Lui...this fragrance slapped me upside the head and told me to love it, and i do.

    Winners: Montale Attar, Golden Oud...much better than Black Oud.

    Losers: Black Oud and Nasomatto Duro...not even worth half of their asking price.

    Thanks to a generous bn'er, i have a decant of L' air du Desert Marocain on its way. I have a feeling it will wow me .
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    Default Re: Winners and Losers... 1/2 year!

    Quote Originally Posted by Vibert View Post
    Demeter Thunderstorm - a chemical miasma masquerading as a weather condition. A good argument for outlawing aquatic scents.
    I laughed at that one. Life is hard when you're an aquatic.
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    Default Re: Winners and Losers... 1/2 year!

    Quote Originally Posted by Vibert View Post
    Demeter Thunderstorm - a chemical miasma masquerading as a weather condition. A good argument for outlawing aquatic scents.
    I agree with bluesoul - both this and his response had me LOL.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vibert View Post
    Skarb - my nominee for the biggest piece of hokum in the fragrance industry. It's greatest virtue: the maker's hysterically funny description. Oh, and did I mention, it smells lousy, too.
    Now I'm curious!

    My biggest winners were:

    Terre d'Hermès
    Safran Troublant (L'Artisan Parfumeur)
    Un Parfum des Sens et Bois (The Different Company)
    Bulgari Black
    Bulgari Aqua Pour Homme
    Tokyo by Kenzo

    My biggest disappointment was Vera Wang for Men. I'm an admirer of Vera, and wanted her to have a really great masculine, but it's so soapy I can't stand it, and the rich color and weak scent make it feel like a lie. I really hope she does another masculine that kicks butt.

    Another disappointment was Polo Explorer - it's almost without scent. Should be renamed Polo Intergalactic Explorer, 'cause there ain't nothin' there. Even the dark matter ended up in Double Black. I love the scent, though. I may buy it and concentrate it somehow.

    My wife's biggest treasure was MikeP's biggest loser - Un Jardin Après la Mousson. She's doing multi-day runs of the stuff. It was almost a blind buy, and I got her the gift set. Lucky, lucky, lucky.

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    Default Re: Winners and Losers... 1/2 year!


    Patchouli 24
    Red Aoud
    Red Vetiver
    C&S 88
    Blenheim Bouquet
    Bois Blond
    Route du Vetiver
    Cedre Sandaraque
    Vetiver Oriental


    Habit Rouge
    C&S Cuba
    L'air du Désert Marocain (sampled and disliked all Tauer's)
    Vetievr Extraordinare
    Timbuktu (don't dislike it but really thought I would)

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    Default Re: Winners and Losers... 1/2 year!

    Maharanih - Spray starch never smelled better!
    Maharadjah - A lavender oriental, who would have guessed?
    Puro Lino - The only scent for a 100% humidity day.
    New Haarlem - My only gourmand.
    Agent Provocateur Strip - Really nice, boozey, amber surprise - get it while you can. A limited edition.
    24, Faubourg Eau Delicate - Great reworking of a great original.
    L'Instant (the Edt has poor lasting power)
    Y - My favorite YSL, after Opium Femme

    Silver Mountain Water - Rancid
    Santal de Mysore - Too syrupy.
    Original Vetiver - A one dimensional nightmare.
    Mechant Loup - Too damp.
    Kingdom - Tried it again, sold it again. Strip is everything this one should have been.
    Tom of Finland - A blur.
    Black Oud - Too literal.
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