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    Default Difference between Jaipur Homme EDT and EDP ?

    I've read some things here suggesting that the EDP is considerably better, and notice the price of EDP Jaipur Homme bottles are much more expensive than their EDT counterparts, so can someone describe the difference?

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    Default Re: Difference between Jaipur Homme EDT and EDP ?

    I own both the EDT and the EDP. IMO, the EDP lasts much longer (16 hours +) than the EDT (10-12 hours.)

    I actually prefer the EDT (it certainly lasts long enough!) because it is doesn't quite contain the heliotrope overdose that is bottled in the EDP. One must be VERY fond of flowers that produce a strong scent of vanilla and almond to enjoy the EDP. The heavy heliotrope in the EDP is just too much for me.

    You know what smells better than both of these? The Jaipur homme showergel! It's not quite the exact same fragrance (though it probably tries to be) in that, the florals are way toned down. To bad THAT scent couldn't be made into an edt or edp.

    Word of caution: both the EDT & EDP burn my skin upon application. It doesn't turn red or rashy, but it definitely stings. (Probably the cinnamon.)
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    Default Re: Difference between Jaipur Homme EDT and EDP ?

    Have you tried the aftershave balm?

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    Default Re: Difference between Jaipur Homme EDT and EDP ?

    Hi Bigs, no I haven't. But I plan on checking it out soon. (I think the small shop where I orignally bought the frag. carries it. But, only the EDT & showergel were in the kit. I purchased the EDP from the same shop at a later time.)
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    Default Re: Difference between Jaipur Homme EDT and EDP ?

    I own and love the EdP with it's overdose of everything sweet and oriental. I haven't tried the EdT because of this. Part of the reason for my post however, is to ask PigeonMurderer for his view, as I remember he speaks highly of the EdT, and that an EdP concentration of a fragrance, especially with Jaipur Homme, is not necessarily the better one...
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    Default Re: Difference between Jaipur Homme EDT and EDP ?

    My distinct preference is for the EdP, which smells to me not only more potent, but smoother, darker, and more complex as well. As with most any fragrance, the EdP version is the more expensive because of the higher concentration of scent ingredients. In the case of Jaipur Homme, it's also possible that the EdP employs fine and more costly ingredients.

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    Default Re: Difference between Jaipur Homme EDT and EDP ?

    EDP is better if you are looking for more character and refinement. That being said, it is not something that could be an everyday scent. EDT could qualify as that. EDT does have a barbershop touch to it that is completely missing from EDP to my nose. My vote would be for EDP.
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    Default Re: Difference between Jaipur Homme EDT and EDP ?

    I like the EDT more because I feel it has more complexity and development. Throughout its duration you go through different layers of spices and woods, which I think are muted in the EDP. The EDP is rather stuffy. It starts off with a strong dose of heliotrope and vanilla, then dries down to a vanilla powder bomb. The only reason I chose the EDP was because unlike the EDT, it lasts more than 4 hours on me.
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