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Thread: Jil Sander Sun

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    Smile Jil Sander Sun

    Do you ladies love or hate this scent. what are your opinions?

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    i loved it in the eighties/nineties, now i merely like it. have to admit, i bought a small bottle on impulse after my cousin mentioned sun over breakfast. i rarely wear it.

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    I like this scent, it is so sweet but still spicy and little powdery. It slightly reminds me of She ( the gold one) from Armani. I have a small bottle of Sun, i don not wear it often, only sometimes on weekends or for some casual occasions but it always makes me feel fresh and sunny:-) It also gets positive reactions from men.

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    They're promoting this so heavily in Germany right now I thought it was a new release! It's a heavy, sweet oriental, not what you'd expect from the name. I know Luca Turin trashed it, but I kind of like it. But for that same sweet vibe I prefer Cacharel's Gloria, discontinued, but still around.
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    I did some comparative testing of this against Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess a few weeks back, when I was feeling tempted to buy a summer 'sun' fragrance. (I didn't in the end.) This has a very nice drydown and lasts very well as a close-in skin scent. I was surprised by how oriental it is and liked it a lot. Just not enough to buy it. (But then, I'm deliberately trimming my wardrobe and trying to avoid buying anything that I'm not desperate for - I am holding a bottle of Creed's Virgin Island Water out as my personal 'carrot' and my overdraft is the very painful 'stick'!)
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