Bond No. 9 and I are not friends. I have tried numerous of them, and they all just dont' do it for me. A few, I kind of hate.

So, it was kind of a shock, when I instantly liked Silver Factory, the Andy Warhol inspired release, from last year. Incense, something oddly synthetic and metallic (almost plastic), musk and an endearing sweetness that's addictive. I even attempted to wear this on a sunny weekday afternoon, and it performed quite nicely. The sweetness never became cloying and the heat actually played really well with the florals, because they're silky soft in this scent.

I wore some more of SF tonight and then it clicked: this dusty, smooth floral/wood combo smells strikingly similar to Lou Lou by Cacherel. I own a small EdP of LL, so I compared the two.

SF is much smoother, as I mentioned, and it's not quite as sillage heavy (or '80's smelling', for lack of a better word) as LL. LL is slightly more dusty. Well, I always thought LL smelled like dust. Whereas the incense in SF is always there, on the edges of the fragrance, kind of smoldering in the background in a weird way.

Anyone own both and care to agree/disagree?