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    Default Everlast Black vs Police Dark

    I came across Everlast Black sitting right next to bottles of Police Dark in the same shop today. Since the Everlast cost A$23 and Police Dark A$40, I thought a side by side comparison was in order, and sprayed some on the back of each hand.

    First impression - the Everlast Black was better than the Police Dark - in fact it was smelling like what I thought Police Dark used to smell like, but wasn't doing so know.

    A quarter of an hour later Police Dark was now smelling how I remembered, and was superior to what Everlast was smelling like.

    Two hours later, the Everlast Black was slightly stronger, a bit richer, but smelled somewhat cheaper than the more interesting Police Dark.

    Four hours later, Everlast Black still has some strength left, but Police Dark is very weak and has nearly disappeared (it did survive my standard three hour test, so it will perform for a longer under clothes).

    Well, they may be cheap but both these scents left a positive impression on me (possibly because I'm a sucker for mild anice odors), which is something I can't say for some of the more recent spate of Black and Noir releases.

    I know that very few here have tried Police Dark. Has anybody tried Everlast Black, and wish to share any positive or negative appraisals?
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