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    Default My Comme des Garcons eye-opener...

    I made an effort today to get to a small independently owned perfume shop. The owner has had 3 outlets, but closed the one that's close to where I work, so it was an outing I was looking forward to as he has the most amazing stuff.

    I walked in and saw these huge presentation bottles...Dior Jules, Guerlain Vol de Nuit, YSL Opium PH EdP!, Caron Parfum Sacre... Shelves full of stuff that's a perfume newbie like me's wetdream He had Givenchy's Xeryus in the original bottle, Hermes' Un Jardin sur le Nil (I know, I know it's available all over...except here), Guerlain's Apres L'ondee and Mahora, Cacharel Nemo, and more.

    I tested Xeryus and was about to buy, but then walked around and saw the Comme de Garcons ones. Odeur 53 and 71, Man 2, CDG 2 and CDG Parfum. I tested the GDG 2 first and then had my mind set on it, but then tried the Parfum - CDG 2 paled in comparison. It was WEIRD, STRONG, and like nothing I've ever smelled before. I decided to wait a while to let it settle as it was quite unsettling at the beginning. The owner advised me to take a walk in the mall to decide whether I like it or not, and after a while I decided that I HAD to have this spicebomb! The price however, was way out of my league - R 920 for 50ml I made a decision though to get my hands on it as there is definitely a space in my wardrobe for this.

    I went there at about 12h00 and it's still very present on my skin after one minute spray, at 20h00! I know what I'm getting next

    I also made a bargain with the owner. When he asked me if he could assist, I immediately said I want Jules, knowing that it's very hard to find. He told me that it's discontinued, but that it can be found still. I bargained that I'd buy something today if he would source Jules for me in return. My details are with him, and I'm awaiting his call
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    Default Re: My Comme de Garcons eye-opener...

    Just a note to newbies: I've sampled many frags on my arms (or even legs), and some that I thought were great didn't work for me when sprayed on the chest, which is what I eventually want to do with frags, while others that I didn't like on my arm (usually because I sniffed too much and gave myself a headache) were quite nice if sprayed once or twice on the chest. I wouldn't spend more than a small amount of money now on anything unless I did a chest sampling first.
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    Default Re: My Comme des Garcons eye-opener...

    Comme des Garcons EdP is a wonderful fragrance - I finally got a bottle this year, and I find its strange spiciness very unique, long lasting and slightly meditative. Be careful with this one jellybean - you don't want to over apply this fragrance, it can get kinda nasty if you do, and smell slightly like medicine balm or something medicinal.

    If you like CdG EdP, you might want to try White by CdG, or some of the more popular scents in the Incense Series (Avignon, Kyoto, etc...)
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    Default Re: My Comme des Garcons eye-opener...

    Jellybean, it sounds like a fantastic store and a wonderful visit. With a wonderful discovery at the end!

    I'm one with no resevations about CdG edp. It's the first one by the house, and a wonderful and very lasting scent, as you've discovered. It's an amazing party. I save it for parties myself.

    Xeryus, CdG 2, and Jules. I think you're going to be the store owners new best friend.

    Great to discover shops like these.
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    Default Re: My Comme des Garcons eye-opener...

    isn't there a seller on ebay who offers it rather cheaply out of amsterdam all the time? it's always available on ebay, not sure what the exchange rate is for the currency you're using but... check around, also thrax was selling it I think at one point if not still!

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    Default Re: My Comme des Garcons eye-opener...

    Every time I smell CDG 2, 3, White, EdP It's a time trip back to the mid-90's. God they were so revolutionary!

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    Default Re: My Comme des Garcons eye-opener...

    ---Comme des Garcons is probably my favorite Niche House....My scent of the day is Odeur's 7 hours and I can still smell this classic. Odeur 53 is nice also.
    ---Comme des Garcons 2 EdP is the best all around CdG for me.....I also like CdG 2 Man.....I wear CdG White at Christmas....just works real good around the Holidays.
    ---Kyoto is my favorite from the Incense series.
    ---I will purchase 888 blind..... very soon.

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