Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends as we roll out week 17 of SotW. First up the raw numbers.
813 total posts down from 1,038 the previous week and the lowest total since week 9.
523 different scents down from 629 last week.
373 scents worn once for a diversity index of 45.9% which is down from 414 in week 16 but the index is up from 39.9%.
The numbers are down to the lowest levels since we combined the boards but that is due to the community being unavailable for Saturday, Sunday and half of Monday. Although threads were started to let people backfill the scents they wore over the weekend total posts for Saturday and Sunday were down about 60% for both days. Monday the effect was lessened although the total was down 12% from average. The overall effect was lessened as Saturday and Sunday are our lowest posting days as a community. In fact for those of you who are curious, based on averages through 17 weeks, here are the most popular days of the week based on number of posts. Thursday, Wednesday, Tuesday, Friday, Monday, Saturday, Sunday. The differences between the three top days is very close and in another 17 weeks those numbers could change. There is a significant gap to the end of the work-week days of Monday and Friday before another significant gap to the weekend days. What does this mean? It means we have places to be and things to do with our lovely smelling selves on the weekend and don't have time to waste posting what we're wearing. We may be perfume geeks but by golly we have lives and we're living 'em.
This week was another fascinating week as two scents rose into the top 10 for the first time and two others make their second trip but the first not based on an SSD. The big surprise of the week was Frederic Malle Vetiver Extraordinaire. This one has had consistent low levels of support almost every week and has been on the just missed list a couple of times. This week there was almost consistent wear and it posts its highest wear total ever and is equivalent to the wear totals for its last three weeks total. The other debutante at the top 10 ball is Acqua di Parma Colonia Assoluta. There was a thread asking for an opinion on which Colonia was best. In the thread the answers seemed to play out for either Colonia or Colonia Intensa but based on what the community actually wore the answer might really be Colonia Assoluta. Hermes Un Jardin sur Le Nil and Yves St. Laurent Live Jazz make the top 10 for the first time without having an SSD to boost their totals. Live Jazz makes the list based on four wears in one day plus a couple the rest of the week, while Un Jardin sur Le Nil showed a slow and steady burn all week.
At the top of the list it was another close battle and it was one late posted return which handed the weekly crown to Terre D'Hermes, again. It beat, Jaime B's husband, Russ' favorite; Guerlain Habit Rouge by one wear. Another Guerlain and another regular visitor to the top 10, Vetiver was another wear behind. The third Guerlain in the list was Jicky which is the ladies' equivalent to Terre D'Hermes. If I was to base this on percentage of wear gender-wise Jicky would probably be the one to beat and not Terre D'Hermes. Although I think the ladies tend to be a more diverse lot than the guys I don't quite have the numbers to back that assertion up at the moment. Comme des Garcons placed the two regulars for the house in Hinoki and Vetiveru on the list. One note is that Hinoki had its worst week since week 10 and its first entry into the top 10. It will be interesting to see if it bounces back as it is being listed as a disappointment by some in Schachman's "Winners and Losers of the 1/2 year" thread on the guy's forum. It is also probably being hailed as a winner by as many in the same thread so I am interested to see where the numbers settle down to on a regular basis as this is the first scent who's initial life cycle I get to observe. The remainig members of the list are two Creeds, Silver Mountain Water and Green Irish Tweed. Early on in doing this I thought that Bois du Portugal would have been the Creed I expected to be the top of the house but now almost a third of the way through the experiment it is becoming clear that Green Irish Tweed is the most supported scent in the line.
House totals ran close to normal from a percentage standpoint except for one, which was way up, as Bond No. 9 had a big week as 12 different Bond No. 9 scents were worn during the week which is pretty impressive for a house like that.
Now its time to roll up and see the top 10.
SotW for June 21st-27th, 2008
1.) Hermes Terre D'Hermes 10 wears (1.2%)
2.) Guerlain Habit Rouge 9 wears (1.1%)
3.) Guerlain Vetiver 8 wears (1.0%)
4.) Creed Silver Mountain Water 7 wears (0.9%)
4.) Frederic Malle Vetiver Extraordinaire 7 wears (0.9%)
4.) Guerlain Jicky 7 wears (0.9%)
7.) Acqua di parma Colonia Assoluta 6 wears (0.7%)
7.) Comme des Garcons Monocle Scent One: Hinoki 6 wears (0.7%)
7.) Comme des Garcons Vetiveru 6 wears (0.7%)
7.) Creed Green Irish Tweed 6 wears (0.7%)
7.) Hermes Un Jardin sur Le Nil 6 wears (0.7%)
7.) Yves St. Laurent Live Jazz 6 wears (0.7%)

This week's just missed list includes a Bond No. 9 in Wall Street and another Guerlain in Shalimar. Three of the usual suspects in Tauer L'Air du Desert Marocain, Thierry Mugler Cologne, and Dior Homme. The last of the just missed is Parfum D'Empire Ambre Russe which was championed by one of the ladies for most of the week.
A low numbers week but a highly entertaining one. I expect we will be back to our usual levels next week when I will return with the numbers for week 18.
Until then you keep wearing 'em and I'll keep counting 'em.
Have a well-fragranced week.