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Thread: Il Profumo line

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    Default Il Profumo line

    I just experienced Il Profumo Chocolat Amere a few days ago, and really enjoyed it. It is really high quality, but still a bit over-priced in my opinion. I have decided that any fragrance I might have to pay over $150 better make me flip thrice in the air like a gymnast, and this doesn't do it despite its high quality. Is there any offering in this line that, in your opinion, might be worth dishing out $240? I have read people rave about G11. I am more interested in knowing whether the fragrance is nice enough to warrant a $240 price tag, rather than it being just nice :-)

    Nevermind about the price. I went through the price for Profumum line, and intermixed the lines. IL Profumo is pretty reasonable.
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