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    Default Fragrance oils: solo notes and home combos

    I thought I'd share a little knowledge with anyone who's had a tough time finding a fragrance with a particular note or who occasionally wants a more minimalist scent experience.

    For years, I've searched for a men's fragrance that had clove as its main note...I've tried bunches of them, but none had clove as strong as I wanted it. I've even tried my own "do it yourself" EDTs with some success, but learned that essential oil of clove irritates and sensitizes the skin unless you use just a tiny bit of it.

    Finally, I knuckled down and bought some clove fragrance oil, which is mostly synthetic, but smells just like the real thing and is safe on the skin. I also got some patchouli, cedar, allspice and leather fragrance oils. You just take an applicator or Q-tip with a drop or two and put it on your skin. Or mix a couple different types on your skin--I've got some cedar and patchouli on right now.

    It isn't a substitute for popular or niche fragrances, which I use over half of the time...I won't give up my Armani Mania, Dunhill Edition or Caron Third Man. There can be a slight chemical smell with some fragrance oils, though the patchouli smells exactly like the real thing; they also stay closer to the skin. I just use them whenever I need to smell clove on my skin, usually mixed with a little something else.

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    Default Re: Fragrance oils: solo notes and home combos

    I discovered essential oils with aromatherapy. No I regularly use them and absolutes to make fragrances. You may get good results sometimes but need to be careful with the materials used as some are toxic.

    Some naturals are so beautiful that you can wear them as they are (grandiflorum jasmine, sandalwood, patchouli, etc.).
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    Default Re: Fragrance oils: solo notes and home combos

    Spicemeister, I use essential oils also. It is best to dilute most of them in jojoba oil that way they do not irritate the skin. It also allows the scent to "open" a bit more. The only EO's that are purported to be safe to use undiluted are lavender and tea tree. Many people wear straight patchouli, also, and don't seem to be adversely affected.

    The ones that are most irritating (which you have probably already found) are the spices (clove, cinnamon, allspice, pepper, etc.) and the citruses (orange, grapefruit, mandarine, etc.).

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    Default Re: Fragrance oils: solo notes and home combos

    Thanks for the replies, but of course what I posted about was fragrance oils (also called perfume oils), not essential oils, and most if not all fragrance oils are ready to dilution necessary. Come to think of it, the first one I got was about three years ago--Kiehl's Original Musk Oil--an excellent musk that has a lot of fans here...still got some left too!

    Here's another one: I was just looking at a fragrance oil website, and one oil they offer is "fresh cut grass." Now, not a lot of people want to smell like that, but some do. There was a thread here a few years back about Jovan men's fragrances that came out in the ' was called Jovan Grass Oil, and a Basenoter was saying how he missed having it, because they discontinued it long ago. (I remember this because I used to have Jovan Grass Oil too.) Anyway, this fragrance oil could be a possible substitute.

    You may have to go through a little trial and error--you could get samples from some places if you want--because I ordered from three different fragrance oil companies, and the oils from one company had more of a chemical smell than the other companies. However, one big benefit is that fragrance oils are pretty inexpensive.
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    Default Re: Fragrance oils: solo notes and home combos

    I find that fragrance oils smell like candles to me. In fact, I heard that some people were using off the shelf fragrance oils, putting them in 90% alcohol from the drugstore, and burning them in their Lampberger (a catalytic fragrance lamp that uses alcohol-based scent blends). Also, many synthetic fragrance oils ARE used in candles, especially by home candle crafters.

    I may be making an additional distinction. To me, the oil form of a perfume is not the same as a fragrance oil, per se. Fragrance oils are those little bottles that are typically used for home scent, potpourri, candles, etc. I do not enjoy smelling like a Yankee candle.

    At any rate, why discount the use of naturals if they will work when diluted? That way you will have more options.
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    Default Re: Fragrance oils: solo notes and home combos

    You can dilute alot of essential oils that aren't wearable on the skin. Clove is a rather harsh oil, but patchouli is fine to wear undiluted. Patchouli also has a decent smell on its own, although unfortunately alot of people assosciate it now days with negative things in their mind, "unwashed hippies".

    Alot of those fragrance oils are used by amateur/semi-pro perfumers. I've got a bunch myself and I'm just starting to get into blending my own oils. I especially wanted to get my hands on diluted ozone/oceanic scents. I've also got a few concentrated chemicals like linalool. Also, some fragrance oils like synthetic bergamot don't cause photosensitivity.
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    Default Re: Fragrance oils: solo notes and home combos

    I like to wear a sandalwood fragrance oil I buy at my local health food store called Santal Blanc, made in Morocco. It has a sharp edge to it that is reminiscent of Bangalore sandalwood, rather than the smooth-as-marshmallow-cream Mysore sandalwood.

    It does have a crude, raw smell that makes me concerned about the "hippie" perception. Then again, I think it's the unprocessed, unrefined bohemian quality of this oil that makes me like it so much.
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    Default Re: Fragrance oils: solo notes and home combos

    When I want clove I reach for Orange Spice from Creed.

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