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    Default Whoo hoo! Look at my sample order

    Two years ago, I went on a shopping spree and bought about 30 Creed perfume samples from Parfums Raffy. While I loved some of them, Original Vetiver, I ended up buying the bottles only to be disappointed with how they lasted (multiple bottles).

    Anyway - I'm actually stuck with 2 Original Vetiver, yet I find myself wearing "Le Male", "Azzaro pour hommes", "Lolita Lempicka" and "Mat: Very Male" instead of my expensive Creed.

    I discovered yesterday and went on a little spree there... I had also received a few samples the other day and decided to buy an EDP bottle of Hanae Mori. Now I'm getting new samples and I think I'll buy a few samples, and 1-2 bottles (ideally under 50$ each) per month to build up my collection.

    Here is my samples order, to discover new scents. I picked stuff based on reviews from here, and also I have to sadly admit, sometimes based on the intriguing names:

    L'artisan Parfumier:
    -Bois farine (I liked the name)
    -Mechant loup (I liked the name)
    -Mure et Musc Extreme
    -Voleur de Roses (I liked the name)
    Guerlain Habit Rouge
    Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche
    Hermes Eau D'Hermes EDT
    Hermes Rocabar (I liked the name)
    Guerlain Derby Reissue
    Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur
    Chanel Egoiste
    Yves St. Laurent M7
    Lorenzo Villoresi - A Men's Gateway Pack (3 samples)
    I Hate Perfumes Gateway Sampler Pack (3 samples, funny name!)
    Caron Third Man (I liked the name)
    Caron Yatagan
    Caron L'Anarchiste (I liked the name)
    Caron Coup de Fouet
    Caron Pour Un Homme
    Caron Royal Bain de Caron
    Annick Goutal Sables
    Annick Goutal Vetiver
    Serge Lutens Miel de Bois (I love eating honey)
    Serge Lutens Chergui

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    Default Re: Whoo hoo! Look at my sample order

    I had trouble deciding on what to do. I wasn't sure if I would order a bunch of "probably good and original" samples like I think I did, or if I should have just bought their "build your nose" sampler packs. Basically they sell stuff like "Beginner niche pack", or "basic cinnamon scents", etc. They sell packs per type of perfumes, per house and per note. I wonder if I should eventually order the note-based ones.

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    Default Re: Whoo hoo! Look at my sample order

    That's a powerhouse sample order! It'll keep you occupied for a LONG time I'm sure

    PVC and Leather. A Chain and a feather

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    Default Re: Whoo hoo! Look at my sample order

    Haha, I'm not too sure. I'm gunning for two weeks.

    I work at home, so I plan to do this:

    -Wake up
    -Pour tiny drop at 4 locations (inner elbows, wrist) of 4 kinds
    -Smell myself often during breakfast
    -Take shower, and then pour one of the full bottles on myself

    And since I work out at home in the after noon, I will probably take a second shower mid-day, followed by another sample bottle. Maybe I'll put a bit before sleep too. Hehe.

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    Default Re: Whoo hoo! Look at my sample order

    Sounds like a great list to keep your nose busy. Indeed some really nice ones like

    Bois farine
    Mechant loup
    Voleur de Roses
    Habit Rouge
    Eau D'Hermes EDT
    Musc Ravageur
    Caron Third Man (I liked the name)
    Caron Yatagan
    Caron L'Anarchiste (I liked the name)
    Serge Lutens Miel de Bois
    Serge Lutens Chergui

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    Default Re: Whoo hoo! Look at my sample order

    That's a really great list of both niche and designer fragrances - an excellent mix.

    Let us know your thoughts once you've sampled them.

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