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    Default Matteo's blind buy adventure part 2.

    Something awesome just happened in my life and it's time to celebrate by ordering 3 colognes. Last time I asked Basenotes for advice, I was very satisfied with the results. So here are my candidates...thus far:

    Halston Unbound
    John Varvatos
    Michael Kors
    Dunhill Desire Red
    The Third Man
    Canali Men
    Casran Men
    Iceberg Twice
    YSL Live Jazz
    YSL Jazz

    These fit my small budget and have piqued my interest through reading basenotes reviews or forums. Unfortunately, the local perfumeries are fairly limited and I've only been able to test John Varvatos in person, which I like a lot. There was a bottle of Jazz or Live Jazz too, but the atomizer was broken D:. Anyways, I think blind buys are pretty exciting. I would prefer if the scents are different from the ones I currently own:

    Kenneth Cole Reaction
    YSL Rive Gauche
    Paco Rabanne XS
    Gucci Envy
    Liz Clairborne Sport

    Thanks guys in advance.

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    Default Re: Matteo's blind buy adventure part 2.

    3rd Man, Michael Kors and YSL Live Jazz

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    Default Re: Matteo's blind buy adventure part 2.

    Quote Originally Posted by mudassir View Post
    3rd Man, Michael Kors and YSL Live Jazz
    If you are limiting the picks to what you have listed, then I totally agree with mudassir.
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    Default Re: Matteo's blind buy adventure part 2.

    Not necessary limited to those, it's just that Creed, etc. are beyond my budget.

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    Default Re: Matteo's blind buy adventure part 2.

    You've got some very different frags listed there. Varvatos was too weak for me, I haven't tried the Jazz ones or 3rd Man. The others I didn't find interesting. I should be getting Desire this week, so I can comment on that when I get it. Do yourself a favor and get Witness by Bogart. It's super cheap on ebay and elsewhere, but there's a limited supply, because it's discontinued, so if you miss out on it, you may never experience this incredible frag.

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    Default Re: Matteo's blind buy adventure part 2.

    As mentioned above 3rd Man, Michael Kors and YSL Live Jazz could be the best choice:
    -3rd Man: A classical Aromatic scent
    -Michael Kors: A heavy woody-spicy scent suitable for cold weather
    -YSL Live Jazz: A little old school, cool and minty for all seasons.
    Further I want to add "Terre D'Hermes" here to your options.
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    Default Re: Matteo's blind buy adventure part 2.

    Quote Originally Posted by mudassir View Post
    3rd Man, Michael Kors and YSL Live Jazz
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    Default Re: Matteo's blind buy adventure part 2.

    if we knew what happened it might help us draw inspiration for a choice for you!

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    Default Re: Matteo's blind buy adventure part 2.

    Third Man, Micheal Kors and John Varvatos.

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    Default Re: Matteo's blind buy adventure part 2.


    Well, the last time I created a thread like this, I was just starting out with a sole bottle of Kenneth Cole Reaction and was looking for "attracting" scents. The recommendations weren't entirely unanimous and yielded Rive Gauche and XS. I decided to tack on Envy since I didn't really have a strong bar/party scent from reading reviews. These three ended up as blind buys. I was a bit put off by all 3 at first, but I've grown to really like all of them. I quickly realize how much I liked XS's drydown until I was smelling one of my shirts to see if it was dirty or not. There was something about Rive Gauche's pepperyness that turned me away at first, but I pretty much wear Rive Gauche exclusively these summer days. I would only use Envy when going out, but during the normal school year, I was so busy that I barely used it. Carefree summer nights have put Envy to some use though. I later picked up Liz Claiborne at some bargain sale on a whim and it turns out I must've smelt it or Eternity when I was very young and emotional or something, because it has a very nostalgic smell to me.

    Since acquiring these great and varied scents, I've realized that people (ladies) don't really care most of the time as long as you smell nice period. This time around, I'm just looking to relive discovering surprising scents that I'll grow to love.

    O, I just realized that you could've meant what amazing thing happened instead of what resulted from the last round of suggestions. Well, over all, it has been an awesome summer. I've been catching up with old friends. My roommate and I had been having tension for a while now about a number of matters, but these days it seems like we're back to our high school days when none of these petty, trivial things mattered. Today's cause for celebration is that I just received my MCAT scores back and I'm in the 96ish percentile. It may seem kind of materialistic, but it kind of spells financial/occupational security. That is the cherry on top of all the things going right this summer.


    Hermes is one of my close buddies' scent. I wouldn't feel comfortable about acquiring that anytime soon.


    I'll get searching for Witness.


    Thanks for all the responses so far, keep 'em coming. Though it seems 3rd man, Michael, and Live Jazz might be the three I'll end up going with due to the consensus. I'll probably make the orders tomorrow or the next day.

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    Default Re: Matteo's blind buy adventure part 2.

    Live Jazz is pretty much the safest blind buy ever. It was my first blind buy, actually. It is cheap, well made, inoffensive to nearly everyone, and extremely wearable.

    Even if you did dislike it, it is cheap enough to use for a birthday present to someone you aren't even that close to. Or air freshener, for that matter.

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    Default Re: Matteo's blind buy adventure part 2.

    Quote Originally Posted by mudassir View Post
    3rd Man, Michael Kors and YSL Live Jazz

    Beyond that list, you could easily get a hold of, for little money:
    -a classic cologne, great for summer. E.g. Borsari Acqua classica is pretty cheap on ($45 for 10 ounces!)
    - Eau de Rochas pour homme - an ingenious herbal citrus (get the vintage "pour homme" not the reformulated "eau de rochas homme")
    - I second Witness
    - Caswell Massey Tricorn - a heavy sweet sandalwood. Very nice, powerful, a bit old style, but good.
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    Default Re: Matteo's blind buy adventure part 2.

    I agree with suggesting The 3rd man and Jazz, they're flawless timeless classics.
    I also suggest you to try Chanel Egoiste for something pretty different from what you own.

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    Default Re: Matteo's blind buy adventure part 2.

    Alright, I want to thank everyone for their input. I have just ordered 4.2oz 3rd man, 1.6oz live jazz unboxed, and 2.5oz michael. It comes out to be 73$ including S/H. I'll post again with first impressions.

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    Default Re: Matteo's blind buy adventure part 2.

    Third Man, Michael Kors and Iceberg Twice PH...

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    Default Re: Matteo's blind buy adventure part 2.

    Alright. It's been a week or so since I've been playing around with my new scents.

    Live Jazz - this has replaced Rive Gauche for daily wear because I like it so much. I'm still very new to colognes and would say it's on the sophisticated end of whatever category Lacoste Essential/KC Reaction belongs to. It's not overpowering. I feel like I can casually wear this anywhere. The lasting power on me is unfortunately not nearly as long as Rive Gauche or XS.

    Michael - I feel like this is a wearable Envy. The opening floral mixed with the deeper scents yet to completely emerge seems a bit off. It kind of reminds me of a type of chinese remedy soup that I've had as a child. After an hour or so, it becomes a great scent. Very sexy indeed. Unfortunately, it also does not have as much endurance as my other colognes.

    The Third Man - I was dissatisfied. Perhaps time will change this as it had for Rive Gauche with me. Perhaps I don't have as sophisticated of a nose to enjoy this for now. I don't feel very confident or business-like while wearing this. In my roommate's words, "it smells like lavender bug spray."

    All in all, the blind buy adventure was a success. It may not be as satisfying as the first time around, but time may change things. Thanks everyone for their input.

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    Default Re: Matteo's blind buy adventure part 2.

    Quote Originally Posted by Matteo View Post
    Canali Men
    Very nice fragrance, but I would suggest getting the Black Diamond instead, a very similar scent but a lot more refined, elegant and seems to last longer. My female coworker smelled it on my the other day, closed her eyes, meowed and said after a momentary pause - "Wow, now I need a cigarette..."

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