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    Default Significant Others and Scents

    Do most of you that have significant others buy for yourself, for your partner, for overall enjoyment(compliments from others)? My wife is really picky and she really doesn't enjoy my new hobby but she does love Burberry London on me. So I'm trying to find normal for her besides that. She can turn down anything. Anyways, I like smelling good for all of the above but she gets some stamp of approval because if it doesn't work for her it is not a good thing.
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    Default Re: Significant Others and Scents

    I used to insist on buying my own, but my other half has now become quite good at knowing what I will like. Thank heaven I've been rescued from "clean & fresh."
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    Default Re: Significant Others and Scents

    I mostly buy for myself. Of course, I would never intentionally wear something that my husband dislikes, but I also will not go out of my way to avoid scents I know he dislikes. I wear many scents he can't stand, but I wear them alone, to work and times when I'm not around him. We both are cool with that.

    Life is too short, to wear only scents that our significant others 'approve' of.
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    Default Re: Significant Others and Scents

    She who must be obeyed doesn't like fragrance very much. I have bought her a nice little collection which she picks at from time to time like a kid who really doesn't like vegetables, but will heat a cucumber once in a while.

    She is mostly amused with my interest in fragrances. It's a bit of gender stereotype reversal here.
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    Default Re: Significant Others and Scents

    My wife only has veto power over one scent - Kouros. She almost grabbed it out of my hand recently when I joked about wearing it. I know when to quit. Other than that, I buy a mix of what I like, and what she likes on me. The way I see it, it's like getting to buy extra scents that I can compare with the ones I would buy normally. I can also please her, which buys me more lenience with my fragrance spending. And many times she will buy me the ones she likes. That's just fine with me, especially if I like it, too.

    I have found that by indulging her tastes, she is becoming more and more of a perfumista. All part of the plan.
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