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    Default Versace Black Jeans - Nightmare to the Dreamer

    Why am I always attracted the older ones? My psychiatrist has the answer, but I don't! Just when I thought Dreamer was Versace's best frag, I come across Black Jeans. Sampled on a tester strip, this one comes across like a dark omen. Spicy, cold and hopelessly alluring. Seems perfect for private wearings at home with Bauhaus on the hi-fi cranked to 11. This is the Nightmare to the Dream(er). Gotta get me some of this!
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    Default Re: Versace Black Jeans - Nightmare to the Dreamer

    It seems to get a lot of rave, but I didn't like it. I enjoyed Versus Uomo (the discontinued one) in the Versace line the most. It smells really dark as well, you might enjoy it. Unfortunately it didn't have good longevity on my skin so I swapped it away.
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    Default Re: Versace Black Jeans - Nightmare to the Dreamer

    Have you tried Versace L'Homme? That's probably the best Versace of them all, imo...

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    Default Re: Versace Black Jeans - Nightmare to the Dreamer

    I like this one a lot too .... very spicy & peppery , masculine & in your face .
    I looked into the pyramid and was suprised to see no pepper at all in it .
    The reason I believe it flew under the radar is the name .. "Black Jeans" making it sound like a teenie scent had they given it a more suitable name it would have been much much more popular .
    I would have called it Hombre .
    As it stands its cheap and worth buying imho .

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    Default Re: Versace Black Jeans - Nightmare to the Dreamer

    Black Jeans is one of my all time faves. Has a similar presence to Rive Gauche Pour Homme, though they really don't smell like each other. I suppose they both give off a slightly studied take on macho, aggressive male scents, with a mild hint of what may or may not be irony-- depending on the wearer.

    The whole Jeans line is pretty damn good, now that I think of it. Everything from the fonts on the bottles, to the tin cans they come in, to the Coca-Cola inspired bottles themselves-- it all reflects the audacious, bold and somewhat campy nature of the scents themselves. I've really been digging Blue Jeans lately-- there's so much going on it that one.

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    Default Re: Versace Black Jeans - Nightmare to the Dreamer

    Its discontinued and nowhere to be found but my favorite was Jeans Couture in the Green stud encrusted bottle. I got a ton of compliments on it and it smelled great. It didn't last long and its reviews weren't tops but it was great on me. Blue Jeans is way too sweet on me. I haven't tried Black Jeans.
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    Default Re: Versace Black Jeans - Nightmare to the Dreamer

    I LOVE Black Jeans and it'll probably stay happily in my wardrobe. The only other Jeans I've tried was Metal Jeans and I DID NOT like it. It was far too safe and generic for me. Black Jeans though... my favorite Versace of the 4-5 I've tried.
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