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    Default Any idea why a lot of companies don't accept Visa Electron???

    I made a purchase from Ormonde Jayne 2 days ago, it was processed through Worldpay and everything was perfect, I paid with the card I am always using for online purchases, a prepaid Visa Electron.
    I tried yesterday to buy a sample set from Amouage ( by the way the ladies set contains 6 samples ), it was processed by Worldpay and the transaction didn't occur. I sent an email to Amouage and they said that they do not accept Visa Electron, which sounded a little funny since Worldpay already offers Visa Electron as an option to accept payment.
    I checked other places in general and it seems that what I had taken for granted until now is not the rule. Anybody knows why Visa Electron is not as widely accepted? Wikipedia says " In some countries, like Australia, retailers are required to accept the card as part of VISA's Accept All Cards Policy, which also applies to the normal Visa Debit card, although the card is not available locally. " but " In the United Kingdom, the card is not as widely accepted as the sister Visa Debit card, but is often issued by banks as a debit card for children's accounts. "
    By the way when using a Visa Electron "the card will always require online authorization; funds are checked for each transaction". Isn't this a plus for the business?

    Does anyone else find this situation totally stupid?
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    Default Re: Any idea why a lot of companies don't accept Visa Electron???

    Yes and no. Prepaid cards (like the Electron) are usually sold through third-party vendors and may be more susceptible to fraud or theft reports. They're not secured in the same way credit cards are. If a merchant has had problems with payment methods, they are free to reject those methods.

    After an ordeal with ID theft, I looked into using a prepaid debit card for online use. In the U.S. anyway, there were so many problems with the vendors of the cards (not with Visa or Mastercard, but with the companies that held/payed out the funds) and so many places that wouldn't accept them, that I decided it wasn't worth it.

    I opened a second checking account, got a debit card for it, and just use that. I deposit funds into the account and it's not linked with any of my other accounts. So if the data gets stolen or misused, my losses will be minimal. Have never had a vendor refuse an actual debit card (excluding car rentals, hotels, airlines).

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    Default Re: Any idea why a lot of companies don't accept Visa Electron???

    Here in the USA, Visa (and MasterCard) have policies that go like this:

    • If only the Visa/MasterCard logo is shown to display Visa/MasterCard acceptance, both credit and signature (non-PIN) debit cards by all issuers have to be honored. (In the case of Visa, this includes Visa Electron, which is processed like a Visa Check Card signature debit, even though banks do not issue Visa Electron in the US).
    • If just Visa/MasterCard credit cards or Visa/MasterCard signature debit cards are accepted by the merchant, the merchant must also disclose that "only credit is accepted" or "only debit is accepted" in addition to the Visa and/or MasterCard logo. Within the card group (credit or debit), all cards of that type by all issuers must be honored.
    • Also (and I've seen a lot of merchants violate the latter), Visa and MasterCard do not allow surcharges or minimums/maximums for merchants in the US for non-PIN transactions. If you see a violation, report it to your card-issuing bank.

    BTW, I've only seen one non-travel merchant in my life accept Visa/MasterCard credit, but not signature debit. IIRC, MasterCard says that fewer than 200 of the 6 million+ US merchants that accept MasterCard do the same.
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