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    Default Colours by Alexander Julian

    I am curious to blind-buy a mini (.25oz) of Colours by Alexander Julian. I did a search of the forum and it seems like anyone that has purchased a bottle within the past 2 years or so has pretty much said it smells vile or rancid.

    I know that this scent was discontinued quite some time ago, and the only bottles that seem to be floating around are the above mentioned minis. Does anyone know if it is possible that this old inventory or any bottle of it (possibly not stored properly) that is available have simply gone bad, hence all of the negative comments?

    Or is it just the case that it's a love it or hate it fragrance that doesn't appeal to everyone, hence the (I assume) poor sales and thus it's discontinuance.

    The positive reviews mention powdery, creamy, and similarities to Lagerfeld Classic and Royal Copenhagen, which are both very high up on my list of colognes that I love.

    I figure if I'm going to try one, I should probably do so before they completely disappear. But on the other hand, if they're so old that they've gone rancid, I should probably just avoid any.

    Many thanks!
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    Default Re: Colours by Alexander Julian

    I bought about a dozen of those minis and they've always smelled fine, though it's not my type of scent. since these minis are boxed and were probably lying around in storage somewhere, I don't see why they should spoil. Perhaps directcosemtics still has them, they were quite a bargain.
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    Default Re: Colours by Alexander Julian

    I recall this scent back in the day and just hated it. Its smells like a cheap sweet oriental fourge - bleck! Think of like taking Royal Copenhagen and mixing it with Brut and Coty Musk for Men.

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    Default Re: Colours by Alexander Julian

    I used to wear this a looooong time ago. I was still in High School I think. It IS RANCID stay away. Strong stuff, will kill an Elephant in Nigeria when wearing it in Brooklyn.


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