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    Default DIS-appointment from TWO of my favorite Houses.

    Hi all,

    I'll make this quick...I recently ordered samples of Cologne from TPC of TWO of my favorite Houses THINKING, thinking I would no doubt love em. Oooh Man, I guess I've been away far too long from BN and I have forgotten how to go about ordering samples the PROPER way. I ordered one 8 ml spray bottle each of SANTA MARIA NOVELLA "TOSCANO EAU DU COLOGNE" and a 8 ml MONTALE RED AOUD. The SMN was the first to arrive. I was planning to save this sample until the FALL but of course, I got too curious so I had to give it a try. Geeezee, I don't know if it's just me or what but, I am getting almost NOTHING from this fragrance! That is to say, it's soooo damn light, I can hardly smell the fragrance. I thought I smelled some light Pepper but, that's all I got. Mind you, it's not that this fragrance smells bad, it's that I can't smell the fragrance. Man, what a disapointment! I was hoping for perhaps a new twist on my beloved SMN "Acqua di Cuba" but arrrrrrr, not even in the same Ball park. The second sample MONTALE RED AOUD has a VERY weird opening that I found rather UNpleasent. The dry down was better (after about 15 minutes) but, this fragrance uses too much Vanillia for my taste. I am VERY DIS-appointed because money is sooooo tight and I could of (should of, would of) purchased something I KNOW I would of enjoyed from these two Houses such as SMN NOSTALIGA, SMN PATCHOULI, MONTALE BLACK OUD, MONTALE ROYAL OUD, etc. Oooh well....I only have myself to blame. Idiot! Next time, I'll be sure to order the smallest samples of fragrances UNknown to me
    (even if it does come from one of my favorite Houses).


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    Default Re: DIS-appointment from TWO of my favorite Houses.

    I keep forgetting how important skin chemistry is when assessing a fragrance. Tabacco Toscano is safely in the top ten (97th percentile) of my collection. I like heavy fragrances and, on my skin, Tabacco Toscano is not light. However, it does have a good amount of vanilla to go along with the tobacco, leather and amber.
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    Default Re: DIS-appointment from TWO of my favorite Houses.

    Sorry those two did not work for you T...

    Give them both a second try before you make a decision though.

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    Default Re: DIS-appointment from TWO of my favorite Houses.

    Toscano is a sweet Tobacco/Vanilla frag... I got good longevity out of it, it's easily one among the best fragrances I've smelled and one of the VERY few with Vanilla notes that I can actually enjoy.

    I'm indifferent to the Aoud Montales, though.....they do nothing for me.

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    Default Re: DIS-appointment from TWO of my favorite Houses.

    Hey Six!
    I agree with Vijay, give them a second (and a third) try. The Montale especially grows on you.

    That said, I would start with the Black Aoud. I think it would be more up your alley and more indicative of most of the other Aoud scents from Montale. (Royal has the barnyard oud thing going on up top and is a tad more subtle than Black Aoud.) No vanilla in Black Aoud either, also none of that gourmandy/foody top.
    BTW, check out Oud Cuir D'Arabie when you get a chance too. Very animalic leather and oud. I think it'd be a hit with you. Very potent.

    As far as the SMN, well, you know what you love from them and that's the ultimate ticket for you!


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    Default Re: DIS-appointment from TWO of my favorite Houses.

    Hi guys,

    Thank you all for the replies. TR, yes indeed, one's skin chemistry is MOST important. I am very happy to hear that Toscano works for you and is high on your favorite list. There is a reason that I am know as "The Black hole of Scents" here at BN. Unless there was something wrong with my sample, this SMN just does NOT work whatsoever for yours truly. That being said, SANTA MARIA NOVELLA has (IMHO) some of THE best fragrances I have ever tried. ACQUA DI CUBA (which I am almost out of) is more than likely THE one I will no doubt replace with a NIB bottle this upcoming Fall. Hello V, nice to hear from you my friend. V, I waited at least a week (or more) before I made any comments here at BN after trying the samples. That being said, I'll continue giving them a try. JG, I am happy to hear that Toscano is also working for you as well. At one time, I very much enjoyed Vanilla but now, it's a note that just makes me feel....sickly sweet. Hey hey Eric! Nice to hear from you my friend. Eric, I have had several samples of MONTALE (from Vijay). I LOVE Black Oud and enjoyed PATCHOULI, ROYAL OUD and others. Also, you were "right on" regarding MONTALE CUIR D'ARABIE. I believe I bought THE last can of Montale Cuir D'Arabie (from Vijay) about a year or so ago. AWESOME stuff!
    Oooh, HAPPY 4th. of JULY 2008 all. I was veeery lucky today to see (not one) but two
    AMERICAN BALD EAGLES flying overhead not to far from my home today. Stunning to see in flight!


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    Default Re: DIS-appointment from TWO of my favorite Houses.

    Yeah, Red Aoud is a complete mess of a fragrance. Although, admittedly, the drydown is quite nice. It's definitely not FBW in my books.

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