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    Exclamation Which to get / stock-up on before reformulation?

    We all know that reformulation happens...there are many horror stories here on BN and elsewhere. I was therefore wondering which are the good mainstream ones currently (I know this is subjective) that you'd recommend one should add to the wardrobe, or stock-up on before the goodness disappears. Also share why.

    For me it would be: A*men, L'Anarchiste, Fahrenheit (I've read that it's happened already ), Jaipur Homme EdP, Opium PH, Rive Gauche PH, The Dreamer and Herrera for Men. I adore these as IMO they were not made to please the masses. I would've added D&G By Man, had it not been discontinued

    Please share, thanks!
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    Default Re: Which to get / stock-up on before reformulation?

    On farenheit too late, I suspect also l'anarchiste though Caron flat-out denied they reformulated the obviously reformulated yatagan in a recent correspondance I had.

    I wouldn't worry about opium ph as it is an inexpensive formula, danger here may be discontinuation due to low sales.

    Rive Gauche is also a recent formulation and thus most likely doesn't lend itself to easy cheapening as older ones do.

    I think the dreamer is discontinued anyway? Not sure, maybe someone can confirm?

    Don't know about the others.
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    Default Re: Which to get / stock-up on before reformulation?

    After the recent reformulation, 'Temperature' from specialized-in-dupes brand 'Creation Lamis' smells closer to the vintage Fahrenheit than the current official offering from Dior themselves. And that one is like 4 Euro for 100 ml.
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    Default Re: Which to get / stock-up on before reformulation?

    Given all of the info we've had on here about the reformulation of MPG Route du Vetiver, I'd say that is a good one to grab right away. You can still get the old formulation if you look for the 3 oz. size (in the old bottle). I recently got one from PerfumeNet. I'd lose my mind of any of the Villoresis were reformulated, but that doesn't appear likely. I'm more worried about my other MPG favorites. I'd also be upset if Korous was toned down, but what would be the point of that, for god's sake? (I understand that it has already lost it's genuine civet, but that was before my time, so I don't bemoan it.)

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