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    Default Saturation point?

    Can this be? Can I have reached a point where nothing interests me any more and I don't get excited about sniffing?

    On my way home from Greece, I spent a good 3/4 of an hour in the fragrance area at Athens airport, sniffing, spraying, sampling. I couldn't find a single fragrance I wanted to buy. I tried Lalique and (this is a first) it went off on my skin. It smelled gorgeous in the bottle, but after 5 minutes it smelled like cat pee. Everything else just made me gag. I bought nothing. There I was with cash in hand (held onto for the journey home for the specific purpose of treating myself), and found nothing worthy of my Euros.

    I haven't bought a new fragrance since Infusion d'Iris.

    Have I reached my saturation point? Will it pass?

    I don't even post to the SOTD thread any more (granted, I have been busy, and laid up with a bad back, but I still put my perfume on daily).

    What's going on? Do I need a Basenotes break?

    Has this happened to any of you? Is it terminal?
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    Default Re: Saturation point?

    Welcome back, C.!

    Yes it has and still does about once or two a month. Sometimes it lasts a week or so, other times it is only a short one day spell. (Honestly, last year I had a few days asking myself: "What are you doing on the board like this? Is it fragrances or people you are more interested in?" ) How disappointing it is to receive a big box of 15-20 samples everyone is raving about in the mail and find just one or two that absolutely appeal to me.

    I do not think it is terminal and we all do need breaks of sorts, but keep sniffing life's little treats -- flowers on the way to work, old library books, bakeries, produce from the farmer's market (vegetables and fruit smell different in the grocery store, I suppose), new shoes, your cat's fir, antique stores, etc. This "Mojo" will come again!

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    Default Re: Saturation point?

    I have been there too, many times. Right now I feel I don´t know what I like or dislike anymore. My tastes change from day to day, and nothing really seems to appeal to me anymore. Like Twolf, I sometimes think I am on this forum more for the people than the perfume.
    On occasions like this, I used to feel desperate, and bought stuff blind, expecting a "kick" I guess...
    Now I say to myself to relax, try to use up what I have, because I know this state of mind will pass.
    I feel pretty certain that it will for you too, Clemmie!
    By the way (just a thought) - do you think this can have something to do with your getting your bespoke perfume??

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    Default Re: Saturation point?

    Yep, "fragrance fatigue" happens to me, too -- usually for only a few days at a time. And I also find that the people on Basenotes are at least as big a draw as the perfumes for me at this point. I HEARTILY agree with Twolf that smelling and appreciating things in your environment can be a big help, and as you travel, paying attention to the different smells in various locales (what were some of your most memorable smells from Greece?).

    In the last year, I've also gotten to the point where I've been not only ready, but willing, to cull my collection a bit. Also find that keeping running "test/wish" lists here on BN (and on TPC and Luckyscent... expensive enablers all, but *such* good stuff!) reminds me of some of the things I like and can look forward to without needing to rush out an buy them. Testing and re-discovering wonderful fragrances (particularly those loved by others) is a big part of the appeal for me.

    Hang in there, Clemmie!
    It’s thought that people who hope too much will just waste their life away and never get down to doing any real work. They’re confusing Hope with Wish, its lazy cousin... When Wish whispers, “Something is just around the corner,” what comes or not is never what was wished for. When Hope whispers “Something is just around the corner,” something always is. -- Charlie Elberson

    My sale thread has some of my underappreciated fragrances looking for a good, new home...

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    Default Re: Saturation point?

    Don't worry Clemmie, it is normal.

    It happens to me regularly, about 3 to 4 times a year and it sometimes gives me the feeling that I am depressive (which I am not !).
    It's weird, not nice at all, but it doesn't last more than a month.

    Take this opportunity to do other things you like.

    The "medicine" I found are long walks in the woods or in the fields around. Nature smells so good and so nice ...
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    Default Re: Saturation point?

    For me, there are times when I really want to explore, and times when I really need to sit back and process. It seems like "down time", but I think it is an important part of the experience...we all need time to let things sink in, so to speak. It is not always about what is new and different.

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    Default Re: Saturation point?

    Oh Clemmie, my dear, don't worry.
    First let me say that hanging on the board for the people is a good thing not a bad thing. We all share the same passion and we all are different as well. What could be better than communicating with thoughtful, considerate, intelligent, and sensuous people?
    Respect your nose. I have found airport duty-free shops kind of depressing. I always look. I always intend to buy, but nothing is quite right. I will often pick up last-minute gifts. So is everyone else in the shop. Cuddle your favorites for a while. Your curiousity and thirst will return.

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    Default Re: Saturation point?

    Welcome back Clem! Hope you had a marvellous time in Greece!

    No dramas my dear! More often than not, when I have the cash (and will) to spend on a new scent, I cant find anything that moves me enough! On the other hand, when I DON'T have the moolah, I can write a list as long as my arm.

    All this will pass... you will catch a whiff of something extraordinary once again, and you'll want to jump right back in again with both feet first!

    Hang in there!

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    Default Re: Saturation point?

    Thank you all for your kindness and encouragement. I think this is the culmination of many things going on in my life - a new job, which is utterly FABULOUS, then the holiday, my daughter moving out, leaving me with an empty nest, a recent back injury...many things like that. The only constant thing in my life at the moment, perfume-wise, is Le Dix. It seems to have become my signature scent - even more so than Infusion D'Iris or even Recital, my bespoke.

    No, I don't think getting the bespoke perfume made has caused this - because I continued to buy perfumes after that one, and I still use them as well as Recital. But I think I may have encountered, sampled, bought, lived with and loved a large number of fragrances in a very short time. As if, if I didn't learn everything there was to know about notes and formulations and so on, I'd be some kind of failure - or whatever. I think it's time to relish this interest, learn slowly about it, find out what really appeals and what definitely doesn't, categorise in my mind what I love, and target new fragrances as they appear in accordance with my own (very high) expectations. My 3 golden rules: Longevity, sillage, and purity - purity meaning a very clearly defined fragrance that isn't 'mushy' or inconsequential. It has to have something recognisable about it, something defining. I have many perfumes, but not all of them fit into my 3 golden rules. Maybe I will have a cull. Maybe I will start combining them, having layering experiment days, or maybe even having friends round for perfume sharing parties or something. That might be fun...

    Right now, I'm just concentrating on healing my back (muscle spasm - very painful, and completely pointless and shocking considering I'm a yogini), holding onto my fabulous job, and ensuring my daughter finds a decent place to stay in Brighton when she goes to music college. Look out for her, she's going to be the next Christina Aguilera.

    I have made a blind buy today. I hope I don't regret it. It's the Dior Portofino one. I won't have it for ages, because it's out of stock at Escentuals. I just placed an order...
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    "I don't know the key to success,
    but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."
    Bill Cosby

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    Default Re: Saturation point?

    Recently I have been desperate to buy a new fragrance but nothing has impressed enough to make me purchase. I have wanted to like, and come extremely close to buying, quite a few frags including Stella, Very Irresistible Sensual, Unforgivable Woman, Pleasures Delight and Pleasures Intense. Being totally honest with myself though, I had to admit that they weren't that great on me. I agree with Therese's advice to 'cuddle your favourites' because mine now seem unique among a sea of, what is for me, 'blah'. At the moment I'm looking forward to receiving my sample parcel from Neil Morris as there's bound to be something interesting in there.

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    Default Re: Saturation point?

    I'm having some of that, too. Partly I feel like a gambler on a lucky streak when I find a great one, instead of sticking with that, I get greedy and order more samples, hoping to find another! I think that's a little crazy. Then I get so disgusted with the so-called 'new' releases that are just imitations of a dozen others. Don't waste our time!! I keep hoping to find something truly new and wonderful but for some odd reason, all the wonderful ones I already have don't hold my interest. That makes me feel like a traitor to my collection because I have some really great frags.

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    Default Re: Saturation point?

    I seem to be going through something similar Clemmie. I have been able to purchace a few fragrances but last week I went shopping in Nashville and bought nothing and I had given myself permission to purchase 1 bottle. I am going through a difficult time right now with my son, my parents and some health problems and I think that has contributed to my ambivelance. I am hoping to snap out of it soon

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    Default Re: Saturation point?

    For over a year I really have no desire to sample anything at all. I know which scents I want to add to my wardrobe already and as far as new releases....I really do not care who comes out with what.

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    Default Re: Saturation point?

    I have bad days where nothing smells good. If that happens, I resort to spraying my clothing instead. Or I take a vacation from the ones I have OD'd on. It seems to help to put some "distance" between myself and the fragrances.

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    Default Re: Saturation point?

    Ditto, ditto, ditto what my darling compatriots above have so wisely said.

    Some days Basenotes is all about the people for me, other times it's about the fragrances. Now they're so interwoven as to be inseparable, especially as I'm indebted to fragrance introductions via others here.

    Plus, there are the overarching gains of understanding that come from attending the University of Basenotes, which include perspectives on sisterhood, sociology, chemistry and commerce, and even global weather patterns.

    As musse said, sometimes we're jonesing for a kick, perhaps asking more from perfumes and shopping than we should reasonably expect.

    It's all normal and human, and I'm so pleased you said something Clemmie because this is another lesson all of us here at the U of B campus must learn.
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    Default Re: Saturation point?

    Quote Originally Posted by Quarry View Post
    As musse said, sometimes we're jonesing for a kick, perhaps asking more from perfumes and shopping than we should reasonably expect.

    Branching out into the men's area has given me some renewed interest; over the past month or so, I've found a few scents I really like.

    It has come as a surprise that it's much easier for me to judge my likes and dislikes in the men's department - isn't that weird? Sampling and shopping is just easier for me there - I'm puzzled as to why. Differences in packaging, marketing, sales pressure? Not as crowded or frantic? Why would the experience be so different for me? I don't know. But that's been the case.

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    Default Re: Saturation point?

    This is so cool! And emphasizes for me one of the major lessons I've learned in a long and happy life. I.E. - I am unique - and - I am not unique!!. I am me but I am one with everyone. Cool.

    Your questions: What's going on? Do I need a Basenotes break?

    Has this happened to any of you? Is it terminal?

    All have been answered one way or the other - all valid, all applicable.

    (I'm still the new puppy - jumping up and down sniffing at everything -putting off growing up as long as possible! Just when I think Orientals are my thing, along comes say, Missoni and I jump on the floral/gourmand bandwagon. Or I think I've found the fig - and along comes little old BandBW's figs with brown sugar. The summer frag has to be Pink Sugar - and Mach Med raises her herbaceous head.

    OK - the final word in classics has got to be Mitsouko - and here comes vintage Montaigne. Followed closely by 1000. Who-eeee!

    Can't wait to see what happens when I grow up and am wise - like Wolfie!!
    "The world is ruled by letting things take their course. It cannot be ruled by interfering." Lao Tze

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    Default Re: Saturation point?

    Also wonder what will happen when I grow up and become wise like Quarry or Wordbird!


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    Default Re: Saturation point?

    I'm so very glad I'm in good company! My interests sometimes waxes and wanes, but I always do come back.

    I'm finding that I don't need to buy (and that's good!), I'm happy with my collection of bottles, decants and samples. Actually I do need to cull and sell some off, but that's just a minor detail.
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    Default Re: Saturation point?

    Right now I think I'm a bit saturated, too. Frankly, it's so hot that any kind of fragrance smells overwhelming. I'm taking refuge in cologne, waiting for better times to come.

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