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    Default Encens et Lys & Aoud Jasmin.

    In a previous post I asked for advise regarding heavy unisex white flower scents. I tried a lot of your wonderful suggestions (Jasmin full, Dzongka, E L Private Collection, Carnal Flower, CdG white/man, DK Gold among other) and will buy some soon - most likely A la Nuit and maybe Un Lys. These are both very true to the flower and thats the way I want them.

    Todays question: are there any white flower fragrances that are a bit twisted to the darker side? Still true to the flower but with any addition of for example aoud or incense? I want white flower interpreted the way roses are in for example C & S Dark Rose and 88, Montale´s Attar and other aouds. Still VERY recognizable (solo)flower is a yesyes.

    Closest to my dream so far are Jasmin et Cigarette and Éclat de Jasmin by Armani Privé. But the first is too strange and the other too "bright" for my current needs...

    Thanks in advance/Pelle

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    Default Re: Encens et Lys & Aoud Jasmin.

    Have you tried L'Artisan's Passage d'Enfer? Lily plus church incense, an amazing combination. Other dark takes on white flowers are the ultra-indolic Pavillon de Fleurs (Septimanie Perfumes) and Norma Kamali's notorious Jazmin.

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    Default Re: Encens et Lys & Aoud Jasmin.

    Ungaro III can be seen as a dark take on muguet: nothing gothic to me but opulent and manly even if the white flower still shines in it.
    Miller et berteaux #1 is a heavy take on lilies, even darker than passage d'enfer IMO.

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