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    I was lucky and ordered the set of Amouage samples for 30 eoros+ 15 euros shipping. Recentley Amouage doubled the price for this nice set.

    The most interesting, ant the one I would like to have - Amouage Gold for men.
    Amouage Gold, Gold for men, Dia for women share the same idea. These three scents are done in classic French manner (No5, Joy, 1000). But they are not French, they have Arabic feeling.Dia for women is the most aldehydic and most feminine.
    Gold for men is extremely rich, sultry, animalic, a bit dirty. You feel like a rich arab in harem while wearing Amouage Gold for men.

    Dia for men - nice and dry. Like Cartier's Must for men.

    Jubiliation for men - one of the best scents from the line. You can smell Duchaufor's signature notes. It's like arabic Borneo 1834.

    Reflection for men - the worst from the line. Joop clone, synthetic smelling vanilla (Bvlgari Black).As LT says - trashy amber.

    Reflection for women - as LT writes, it's overexposed white floral. But I liked this Roucel's interpretation on L'instant (top notes - freesia, after that you smell Roucel's magnolia).

    Ciel - got compliment from male co-worker. If you are a Creed fan, this one you should like the most. Great sillage, nicely done masculine scent for any occasion.

    Ciel for women - quite boring aquatic.

    Jubiliation for women - extreamly good quality, but not very original. Idea: Le Parfum de Therese, Diorella and especially Chanel's Rue Cambon.
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    I've tried Reflection for Men, Dia for Men, and Jubilation XXV. I wasn't overly impressed with the first two. I did like Jubilation XXV, but enough to shell out $290 for 100 ml? Ahhh ... no thanks, Amouage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonyprince View Post
    I've tried Reflection for Men, Dia for Men, and Jubilation XXV. I wasn't overly impressed with the first two. I did like Jubilation XXV, but enough to shell out $290 for 100 ml? Ahhh ... no thanks, Amouage.
    That's pretty much my opinion on these Amouage offerings too.

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    Dreamer II I agree with most of your findings. Having also purchased a sample set (one of the best presented sample sets out there), Gold and Dia for Men as well as Jubilation XXV were among my favourite discoveries of this year - but I just found Gold a little hard to wear! It's such a "big" fragrance. Having said that these scents are true marvels of classic perfumery where I can chart the clear progress from top to heart to base notes and smell individual notes as distinctly as hearing a clear bell ringing. That seems to me to indicate great technique from the perfumers and use of the highest quality ingredients. Given that, I reckon the price is reasonable when you consider the cost of some others out there in the market.
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    Assuming that I ordered the sampler set and liked Gold, would I even be able to find it any price? LuckyScent doesn't have it, neither does Aedes...

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    The Perfume Shoppe in Vancouver has Gold for women...

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    The Amouage website has ordering facilities for all of their products.

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    I guess im just a strait out fan of their masculine line, but haven't really bothered to even smell their feminine scents. Any guys smell them? And what do you think?

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