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    Any info on his Ouds? He has a line of niche like scents apparently. Oh and he also sells clothes, champage, and:

    WTF? SPLASH PROOF TOO!!!! Please SOMEONE explain. Not even Gaultier has gone this far.

    Pascal just might become my favorite designer :^)


    Yva is the essence of deeply and fashionable vibrating plaisure couture. Available in handmade 18K gold-plate, it is rechargeable, splash proof and extremly silent. Variable speed buttons.


    The ultimate cell phone ac-sex-sory, it is activated by calls made to or from your cell phone when in close range. The cell signal triggers a unique 5 pattern vibrating sequence that last for the entire call.


    She will make of your every day’s life a continuous ecstasy. They diffuse subtle vibrations during the intimate massage. Thanks to a unique process of manufacturing patented, they are the Geishas balls of the most silent to the world. Ideal to tone up the perineum.
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