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    Default Fresno, California

    A really incomplete list, but just a stab at compiling some places.

    1. Manchester Mall:
    (Northeast corner of Blackstone and Shields)

    2. Fashion Fair Mall:
    (Southwest corner of First and Shaw)
    Bath & Body Works
    Macy's (Edit 3/16/09: Chanel and Guerlain selection is sorely lacking. No Mitsouko. No Cristalle. Dior selection is also lame.)
    Perfumerie (has Creeds, and a lot of discontinued scents like Versace Black Jeans and Aramis Havana for Women)
    Victoria's Secret

    3. The Perfume Club:
    (Northeast corner of Blackstone and Barstow)
    Has Gres Cabochard, Hanae Mori, Femme Rochas, Estee Lauder's stuff, and pretty much all the celebrity scents.

    4. Fig Garden Village Shopping Center:
    (Northeast corner of Palm and Shaw)
    Bath & Body Works
    Whole Foods (essential oils. . .)
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    Default Re: Fresno, California

    Quote Originally Posted by Aiona View Post
    A really incomplete list, but just a stab at compiling some places. I really don't think Fresno has *any* niche stores. Oh well!
    Update: I just found out that the Perfumerie in the Fashion Fair Mall does carry Creeds. He has Green Irish Tweed, Silver Mountain Water, Millésime Impérial, and something else. I can't remember. And then on the "girls'" side, he has Spring Flower, Fantasia de Fleurs, and two others. Can't remember either. He also has Guerlain's Habit Rouge and some other Guerlains that Macy's doesn't carry.

    Also, the Macy's is really lacking in the Chanel and Guerlain area. They don't carry Mitsouko, or Cristalle (EdP or EdT which are two completely different scents, by the way). The Dior selection is also really lame. I'm surprised, because Fresno is nearly a million in population compared to some podunk towns in West Texas, but even my local West Texas Dillard's carries Mitsouko and L'Heure Bleue as well as Jicky. The Fresno Macy's also doesn't carry Guerlain's cosmetic line.

    (And for all this time, I was thinking I was deprived.)
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